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Django 1.2 Features


This page lists features which have been proposed for development/inclusion in Django 1.2. So far no decisions have been made regarding any of these features. See Version1.2Roadmap for information on the process and definition of terms.

Features under consideration

  • Complete SproutCore integration
  • Multi-database support (Alex Gaynor's GSoC project)
  • Admin UI Enhancements (Zain Memon's GSoC project)
  • Improved/reworked CsrfProtection (see #9977, #10816)
  • i18n improvements (Marc Garcia's GSoC project)
  • Add {% doctype %} and {% field %} template tags from
  • Smarter {% if %} tag from
  • Syndication feed views and better Atom support:
  • Search support in the ORM:
  • Support for non-relational databases: Tokyo Cabinet/Tyrant, MongoDB, Cassandra, Google Bigtable (AppEngine, #10192), Amazon SimpleDB, CouchDB, etc
  • Add a method to the orm to create Model instances from raw sql queries (useful when the orm is limiting you) (#11863)
  • Add a generic "official" way to create a REST API; so far there are quite a bunch of pluggables, with varying levels of "completeness", documentation and efficiency, and they're quite hard to choose from.
  • Make easier to mantain / deploy default by either:
    • include localsettings at the end, with the recommended approach of putting DATABASE_* settings in
    • or: if DEBUG: { some database settings } else: { other database settings }
  • integrate some DVCS in, perhaps Mercurial or Git. This would make it easier to adopt and collaborate on Django projects. (This is stolen from Rails)
  • show all SQL commands issued in the development server, for debugging purposes, perhaps only if DEBUG=true (another one stolen from Rails / Mongrel)
  • Complete comment moderation by documenting existing approval process (#9819) and/or by adding admin actions (#11625) to the CommentsAdmin.
  • Extra template tags and filters (
  • Replace get_absolute_url (
  • Make working with inline formsets easier (, as per James: ...the way the model formsets work just make this more trouble than it's usually worth, but with a bit of API cleanup I think it could be made extremely easy., also
  • Allow inclusion of inlines in fieldsets (admin)
  • Add South ( or some other migration/evolution app to contrib (
  • Add IBM DB2 django adapter ( to django.db.backends
  • #17 Identity mapping in the ORM (Work has been done to this end by David Cramer, here:
  • #342 Read-only form fields
  • #373 Multi-part primary keys
  • #399 Support 8-byte integer DB-fields (bigint)
  • #494 Option for classes on admin inlines
  • #7028, #7923 Improve the usability of raw_id_fields
  • #2443 Implement DurationFields
  • #3011 Allow for extendable auth_user module
  • #3349, #6587 Better template tag loading
  • #3512 Add "required" & "error" CSS classes to form rows in as_* methods
  • #3569 Implement Atom Publishing Protocol
  • #4604 Message Passing For Anonymous Users
  • #4656 Full serialization
  • #5833 Custom FilterSpecs
  • #6148 Add support for database schemas
  • #6262 Support caching compiled templates
  • #6378 Capture arbitrary output as a template variable (or add a capture ttag)
  • #6460 Multilingual Content in the db
  • #6630 Fieldsets for newforms
  • #6735 Class-based generic views
  • #6845 Model validation (Honza Kral's GSoC project)
  • #6903 Admin app: Go back to old change_list view after saving model instance
  • #7150 patch to implement view pemission in admin
  • #7539 Add ON DELETE and ON UPDATE support
  • #7806 django.template refactoring
  • #8274 Auth views allow form override (as an example, this would allow usernames longer than 30 chars to be handled)
  • #8896, #11647 Support for subdomains in the url patterns, to allow easy reversing (or better: to allow reversing at all ;))
  • #9200 Session-based FormWizard
  • #9289 Swedish (se) localflavor
  • #10284 ModelFormSet - objects are deleted even if commit=False
  • #10355 Add support for pluggable email backends.
  • #10476 Support database-level autocommit mode in Postgresql <= 8.1
  • #10587, #1480, #2626 Store datetime values as UTC, handle them consistently regardless of RDBMS, platform and make things easier for multi-timezone applications.
  • #10752 Enhanced Bash Completion
  • #10871 Support for input arguments on admin actions.
  • #10923 Use thread-safe GEOS API if available
  • #11010 Support row-level permissions by updating the User-Object and Authbackends, to take an optional object parameter, so 3rd party Apps can implement the functionality easily.
  • #11402 exists() method on QuerySets
  • #11463 Vietnamese translation
  • #11156 Remove unnecessary savepoints with Oracle
  • #11698 Add Django Debug Toolbar to contrib
  • Make profiling easy, possibly by integrating profiling into Debug Toolbar (see dcramer's fork)
  • #11526 LDAP authentication backend
  • #11716 Fix unwrapped ValueErrors on AutoField and IntegerField (patch & tests already done!)

Lieutenants and Committers

The lieutenants and committers for each feature will be decided when the feature list is formalized.

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