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Some tickets

Ready for 1.1

order_with_respect_to GenericForeignKey

[Error: Query filter requires field and constraints separated by a "="]

No results

1.1 DDN

Incremental filter

1.1 patches to review

generic relations do not act as expected in a filter/get
Add selected and enabled_from for JS calendar
Conditional content of template blocks
Add querystring helper methods to Page class
Add custom Q-object (add_to_query) support to QuerySet.filter() and QuerySet.exclude()
Models history doesn't use verbose names
Improve query efficiency of .add() on a reverse foreign key
Incremental filter
Limiting the number of variables and files that a POST request can contain
clearsessions not remore session files from tmp
IntegrityError with TransactionTestCase and sqlite
compilemessages does not behave the same as makemessages
order_with_respect_to GenericForeignKey
The trans template tag fails to get a message when there is a % character in the string
Allow to override abstract model fields
Nested deconstruction does not descend into lists, tuples or dicts
Add ability to mark migration as "part of initial" in Migration
dumpdata (with natural keys) / loaddata failure for model inheriting from User
Interaction between ValidationError and mark_safe
In gCBVs, decouple get_context_data() and get_template_names() from get() and post()
Add Avg('DurationField') support on Oracle
ModelForm._post_clean assumes that setting attributes onto an instance cannot raise ValidationError
using middleware.common to append slashes causes extra overhead to all requests that do not end in a slash
Add class based generic views documentation section on advanced customization
Allow Forms to set a default prefix attribute
exists() incorrect after annotation with Count()
makemigrations fails with 'ValueError: Dependency on unknown app' when migrations module exists without

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