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Version 1.0 Features

This page contains the list of features to be included in Django 1.0, and their status. See VersionOneRoadmap for more details on the process.

Unfinished Features

Must-have features

Feature Lieutenant Committer' Status Tickets
newforms-admin Brian Rosner, Karen Tracey Joseph in process see report
oldforms -> newforms Brian Rosner JKM in process #3639, ...
WSGI compliance ??? JKM needs refresh, testing #285

"Maybe" features

Feature Lieutenant Committer' Status Tickets
Signal performance improvements Jeremy Dunck JKM needs feedback #6814
Large file uploads Mike Axiak JKM ready for checkin #2070
INSTALLED_APPS refactoring ??? ??? not started #3591
File storage refactoring Marty Alchin JKM depends on #2070 #5361
Model-level validation Honza Král JKM started #6845
GenericForeignKey support in nfa ??? ??? not started #4667
GeoDjango Justin Bronn Justin Bronn ???
Many-to-many intermediates Eric Florenzano Russ nearly done; has admin issues #6095
Fix alternative Python VM bugs ??? JKM ???
De-cruftify template tag loading Deryck Hodge JKM ??? #6587, #3349, ...
Middleware ordering Deryck Hodge JKM ??? #730, #749
Self-referencing fields in queries ??? Russ ??? #7210
Finish documentation refactoring ??? JKM needs work
Comments refactor Thejaswi Puthraya ??? in progress #1829, #1853, #2134, #2177, #2228, #3091, #3546, #4189

Comments about Specific Features


See VersionOneRoadmap for details.

Middleware ordering

We are not treating the middleware hierarchy as a stack, in the sense that if one piece of middleware short-circuits the response construction, we go right to the bottom of the pile before processing the request. We need to decide what behaviour we really want here and record it. Both the referenced tickets have good points in them and since this might slightly change request/response behaviour, it's a pre-1.0 decision if possible.

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