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Version 1.0 Features

Unfinished Features

Feature Leader Changes API? Implementation status Tickets
django.templates __path__ hacking removal ? Yes not started #6587
File storage refactoring ? ? ? #5361
generic relations Jacob/Malcolm Yes Code move is done (Malcolm), admin support (Jacob) not done. Needs newforms-admin merge first. #4667
INSTALLED_APPS objects ? Yes not started #3591
middleware ordering ? No not started #730, #749
model inheritance Malcolm Unclear started
Model-level validation ? ? not started
newforms comments Jacob Yes in progress #1829, #1853, #2134, #2177, #2228, #3091, #3546, #4189
newforms generic views ? No not started #3639
root views/url reversal ? Yes Not started #2977
serialization Jacob No feature not clearly defined #2930, #2843, #2650, #2553
windows installers ? No not started
WSGI fixes ? ? ? #285
Large streaming uploads ? No Completed (patch in ticket) #2070

Completed Features

Feature Leader Changes API? Implementation status Tickets
authentication Joseph Yes done
autoescape Malcolm Yes done #2359
DecimalField Malcolm Yes done #2365, #200, #2519, #3238, #3324
newforms Adrian Yes on the way
oracle ? No done #4140, #4186
test fixtures Russ No done #2333

Delayed Features

Feature Leader Changes API? Implementation status Tickets
ms sql server ? No no champion

Comments about Specific Features


#2930 has not been decided and does not include a patch.

#2843 is not changes the API only in a compatible way and there is no decision in the ticket.

#2650 is a bug and not an enhancement, and it does not include a patch but complete files (but bug fixes should go in 1.0 anyway, if possible).

#2553 proposes to make generic views respond in formats other than html, and it does not go into details nor does it include a patch. From the description it isn't clear what it actually proposes, but it looks like a compatible change.


Jacob plans to rewrite them for newforms. This change rather belongs into the category 'newforms'. Is it really necessary to rewrite the comments in 1.0? Other than the changes in admin, the comments system rewrite shouldn't directly influence the API of newforms. -- mir


While it doesn't change APIs, having an Oracle backend is great for the 1.0 release, even if it doesn't contribute to the #1 goal. And there is great impetus behind it. Please see the Oracle Branch wiki page for technical details.

#4140 needs a design decision: should we warn or disallow database reserved words when used as column names?

#4186 is a significant limitation of Oracle and CLOB columns that can't be worked around, so we've at least documented the limitation clearly.

Root View and URL Reversal

The root view proposal was blocked by the problem of url reversal. A few possible solutions have been brought up that had some disadvantages, and nobody of the core team has commented on this.

Model Inheritance

The latest description of the API and implementation details is in this thread.

See also ModelInheritance.

Middleware ordering

We are not treating the middleware hierarchy as a stack, in the sense that if one piece of middleware short-circuits the response construction, we go right to the bottom of the pile before processing the request. We need to decide what behaviour we really want here and record it. Both the referenced tickets have good points in them and since this might slightly change request/response behaviour, it's a pre-1.0 decision if possible.

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