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Django 1.1 Features


This page has the list of features to be included in Django 1.1 and their statuses. See Version1.1Roadmap for information on the process and definition of terms.

Must-have features

Code Feature Implementor Committer Ticket(s) Commit rev.
Admin-01 Bulk-edit on changelist pages. JKM + Wilson JKM
Admin-02 Integrate django-batchadmin Brian Beck JKM
Admin-03 Make the admin use a url resolver ??? Brian #6470
Admin-08 Make filters in admin changelists persistent ??? Brian #6903
Contrib-05 Message Passing For Anonymous Users ??? Malcolm #4604
Contrib-12 Cached DB session backend Jeremy Dunck JKM #6791
ORM-01 ORM aggregation Nicolas Lara Russ #3566
ORM-03 Model validation. Honza Kral (multiple) #6845
ORM-06 Expression support in QuerySet.update() ??? Malcolm/Russ #7210
ORM-14 QuerySet.defer()/QuerySet.fields() ??? JKM #5420
Test-03 Run Django test cases inside a transaction ??? Russ #8138
View-01 Class-based generic views ??? JKM #6735

"Maybe" features

First priority:

Code Feature Implementor Committer Ticket(s) Commit rev.
Admin-05 ModelAdmin overriding of FK/M2M options ??? Brian #3987
Admin-06 Read-only form fields ??? Karen ???
Admin-07 Custom FilterSpecs ??? James/JKM #5833
Contrib-02 Customizability of contrib.comments ??? JKM #8630, #9562
Contrib-03 Roll in comment-utils ??? JKM #9282
Contrib-06 Honor REMOTE_USER ??? Gary #689
Contrib-07 Implement Atom Publishing Protocol James Tauber JKM #3569
Contrib-11 Signed cookies Marty Alchin? JKM
ORM-15 Day-of-week filter for date/datetime fields ??? Karen #7672
ORM-17 {% default %} clause for {% for %} loops Jannis Leidel JKM #6398 [9530]
ORM-19 Add support for database schemas ??? Russ #6148
Template-06 Better template tag loading ??? Malcolm #6587, #3349
Test-01 Follow redirect chains on the Test Client ??? Russ #4476
Test-02 Disable all e-mail sending for debugging ??? Russ #8638
View-03 wsgi.file_wrapper for large file serving ??? JKM #2131, #7894, #7581, PEP333

Second priority:

Code Feature Implementor Committer Ticket(s) Commit rev.
Contrib-01 Session-based form wizard ??? ??? #9200
Form-02 Forms with built-in CSRF protection ??? ???
ORM-09 Manager.update_or_create() and Model.update() ??? ??? #3182
ORM-10 QuerySet.select_for_update() method. ??? ??? #2705
ORM-11 QuerySet.cache() method. ??? ??? #7338
ORM-12 Allow the use of property() in fields. ??? ??? #7338
ORM-13 Support for DISTINCT ON queries ??? ??? #6422
ORM-16 Native autocommit option for Postgresql ??? ??? #3460
ORM-18 Add signals to many-to-many objects ??? ??? #5390
Template-01 Extend inclusion tag syntax ??? ??? #9093
Template-04 Clean-up of django.template internals ??? ??? #7806
Template-05 Namespace support for template libraries ??? ??? #2539

Rejected features

The following features were rejected or deferred:

Code Feature Result
ORM-02 Object history rejected: out of scope for Django's core.
ORM-04 Public-facing multiple database API deferred: proposal not yet fully-formed.
ORM-07 Denormalized model fields (#8946) deferred: proposal not yet fully-formed.
ORM-08 SchemaEvolution deferred: numerous implementations, no clear winner.
ORM-20 implement force_insert and force_update in (#8672) rejected; not a desired feature.
ORM-21 Rename Model.Meta.verbose_name to label, like django.forms rejected: backwards-incompatible with no real upside.
ORM-22 Ordering field and revitalize order_with_respect_to (See A, B) deferred: no clear spec.
ORM-23 INSTALLED_APPS refactoring (app() object) deferred: needs more work.
Template-02 Enhanced simple-tag decorator (access to context and easy block tags) (see also django-dev thread) - rejected in favor of more general template tag cleanup.
Template-03 Add keyword support to simple_tag and inclusion_tag rejected in favor of more general template tag cleanup.
Test-04 Integrate django-testmaker rejected: out of scope for core.
View-04 URL resolver refactor defer: no clear purpose.
View-05 Decouple authentication from calling a view rejected: out of scope.
Admin-04 Improve flexibility of admin.autodiscover for custom admin sites defer: no clear goals/spec.
Auth-01 AnonymousUser that you can set specific permissions for rejected: too many potential downsides.
Auth-02 Allow for extendable auth_user module (add an abstract base class for User too) rejected: too many potential downsides.
Contrib-04 Integrate GSOC2008 djangosearch as defer: not done.
Contrib-08 Media management for apps defer: not a complete proposal.
Contrib-09 django-logging rejected: out of scope.
Contrib-10 Breadcrumbs rejected: out of scope.

Special cases


Not in consideration

Small/just bugs

Features proposed on this list that area just bugs to be fixed or really tiny feature additions that are not controversial in any way. They're still here for posterity, but have no real role in the feature proposal process.

Rejected procedurally

These are proposed features that, as of the close date for proposals, lacked concrete proposals, proof-of-concept implementations, or details needed to start implementing.

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