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Some tickets

Ready for 1.1

Incorrect thousand separator for the Greek locale (el)

1.1 DDN

Incremental filter

1.1 patches to review

generic relations do not act as expected in a filter/get
Add selected and enabled_from for JS calendar
Conditional content of template blocks
Proxy models do not inherit META.app_label
cache_page decorator bypasses any Vary headers set in middleware
add DomainNameValidator to validate Internet Domain Names
Shortcut to get users by permission
Incremental filter
Staticfiles backends using HashedFilesMixin don't update CSS files' hash when referenced media changes
Serialization (and deserialization) of MTI models doesn't work with natural keys
Add UUIDField, RangeField, JSONField, etc to database introspection
Allow url and groups of urls to be easily tagged and selected
FK constraints are not checked at the end of nested atomic blocks
Squashing migrations with preserve_default=False keeps the default
Deprecate USE_ETAGS setting in favor of ConditionalGetMiddleware unconditionally setting an ETag
Support for Hash indexes
Cache-Control's max-age doesn't match Expires for responses taken from cache
Incorrect thousand separator for the Greek locale (el)
Make usage of construct_change_message easier outside of admin

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