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Django source-code repository, wiki and bug-report system

Django is available open-source under the BSD license.

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Currently, a number of branches of development aim to implement new features in Django. Each of these may or may not be stable, but we encourage you to test them out and give feedback to branch maintainers. Each branch has its own page.

  • ModelInheritance: Write-up discussing how inheritance/subclassing of models should work. Currently this is not implemented in the development version of Django, so if you need model subclassing stick to one of the older stable releases or use workarounds like one-to-one relationships.
  • SchemaEvolution: This is a new feature, under development as a project for the 2006 Summer of Code.
  • RowLevelPermissions: Currently Django's permission system only works at the level of an entire model -- e.g., user "Bob" has access to add flatpages and edit users. This Summer of Code project will extend the permission system to be much more fine-grained, so permissions will be able to be assigned per object instead of per model (so, for example, user "Bob" could be given permission to edit only flatpage number 24 and user number 12, instead of all flatpages and all users).
  • GenericAuthorization: A more flexible authorization system for Django. The new system should allow for ACL's, role-based systems, and Django's current model-level permissions.
  • FullHistory: A "full content history" implementation with compare, revert, etc. A SoC 2006 project.
  • TextIndexingAbstractionLayer: An abstraction layer for full-text indexing and search engines such as Lucene, Xapian, and Hyper Estraier. Also known as Merquery, this Summer of Code project will most likely be placed in
  • Generic relations: a "generic foreign key" feature is currently under development, but not yet completed. There is no support for it yet in the admin application, and it is probably unwise to attempt to use it in a production application.

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Note that none of these documents are "official" and may be incorrect. If you find errors, please correct them.


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