Can someone 'in the know' please check which recipes are still relevant? Thanks.

Data Models - Data models for various types of custom content

Manipulators - Custom manipulators

Scripts - Various scripts useful in Django development and administration

Admin Tools - How to customize admin pages

Shortcuts - Shortcuts to make life easier

Template Tags - Custom template tags

Template Filters - Custom template filters

Views - Sample views

Validators - Custom validators

Database - Working with database objects: creating, querying, optimization, cloning

URL Configuration - Custom URL Configuration

Middlewares - Custom middlewares

Using External Media Configuring Django for an external media server

Tools for testing - Tools and helpers for testing django apps

Tools for developing - Tools and helpers for developing django apps

Special Group Login - Only users of a certain group are allowed to access (login) to a django application in one project

FreeComment app Using Django's integrated Free Comment app.

Making User info available outside requests Getting the user when request.user is not available (e.g. in a model's save() method)

Signals - Using Django's nifty signals ability.

HttpResponse(mimetype='application/zip') - Return a dynamically created zip file in your HttpResponse.

Last update context processor - Add the last update from the admin history to your context

Charts - Creating dynamic charts in Django using ReportLab's graphics package

forms - How to do things that aren't obvious with forms

user-admin - How to set the current user on the model instance using the admin.

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