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Django 1.2 Features


This page has the list of features currently being considered for inclusion in Django 1.2. See Version1.2Roadmap for information on the process and definition of terms.

Features under consideration

  • Multi-database support (Alex Gaynor's GSoC project)
  • #5833 Custom FilterSpecs
  • #4604 Message Passing For Anonymous Users
  • #6845 Model validation (Honza Kral's GSoC project)
  • #342 Read-only form fields
  • #3569 Implement Atom Publishing Protocol
  • #6148 Add support for database schemas
  • #6587, #3349 Better template tag loading
  • #6735 Class-based generic views
  • #10871 Support for input arguments on admin actions.
  • Improved/reworked CsrfProtection (see #9977, #10816)

Lieutenants and Committers

The lieutenants and committers for each feature will be decided when the feature list is formalized.

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