This page is a proposal for a workflow to be able to translate Django documentation through po files (and Transifex platform). See also #18108.

Translation storage

Proposal is to store pot files and po translation files in a separate repository (e.g. django-docs-translations). Pot files only take up 4Mb, so considering that for each language, you add ~7Mb, this is too much for the Django main repository.


  1. A modification is done in the /docs dir of Django's repo.
  1. New pots are automatically built for stable documentation during each documentation build (update_docs command of and made available at the URL<domain>.pot.
  1. Transifex downloads new pot files once or twice a day.
  1. Translators translate strings on Transifex.
  1. At defined times, translations are fetched from Transifex and pushed to django-docs-translations/translations/<locale>/LC_MESSAGES/*.po (e.g. with Transifex Client).
  1. Translated docs build:
    • make translations in django-docs-translations generates .mo files
    • create a symbolic link django/docs/locale pointing to django-docs-translations/translations
    • make html LANGUAGE=<locale> in django/docs
    • Built HTML files are pushed online


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