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See also Django CMS Apps Comparison?

Django resources

This page collects any and all unofficial resources regarding Django.

We'll say it again: These are unofficial resources, so take all of these documents with a grain of salt. This is a publicly editable wiki.

  1. Sites using Django
  2. References & Development Aides
  3. Django application components
  4. Open-Source Django projects
  5. General
  6. Installing and configuring Django
  7. Development environment
  8. Templates
  9. Code examples
  10. Web services/APIs
  11. Tutorials on the Web
  12. Presentations
  13. Resources in other languages
  14. Community
  15. Cheat Sheets and Quick Starts

Sites using Django

References & Development Aides

  • Findjango - A vertical search engine addressing the Django community.
  • DjangoSearch - A multilingual search engine for Django and archive of all articles.
  • Django Code Search - Grep through Django's source code and locate those hard to remember function/class definitions.

Django application components

These are open-source application components that you can plug into any project.

  • OpenID
  • Search
    • django-sphinx A full-text search integration with Django using the Sphinx engine
    • djapian A full-text search integration with Django using Xapian
    • django-search-with-lucene - Django search with Lucene is Tightly integrated the Lucene in Django, so use search content using django model filtering expressions.
    • haystack - Modular search for Django.
  • CMS (See also Django CMS Apps Comparison?)
    • django-cms - A free, BSD-licensed content management system for Django, supporting a hierarchical page structure, internationalization and more.
    • django-simplecms - A simple cms As Simple As Possible but Extensible.
    • django-simple-wiki - A simple, but powerful wiki supporting hierarchy, relations, attachments and permissions.
    • django-page-cms A simple multilingual paged cms for Django
    • PyLucid CMS - A lightweight content management system. Ideal for Shared-Webhosting: No shell account needed. Run at least with CGI. (GPL)
    • django-blocks - An easier way to build Web apps like an blog or CMS more quickly and with almost no code.
  • Forum
  • django-dbtemplates - A Template loader for database stored templates with an extensible cache backend
  • django-mobileadmin - The Django admin interface optimized for iPhone/iPod touch
  • django-registration - A simple, generic user-registration application for Django
  • django-signup - A pluggable signup application for Django
  • django-robots - A simple application for Django to manage robots exclusion files (robots.txt) via admin interface
  • django-tagging - A generic tagging application for Django
  • django-voting - A generic voting application for Django
  • django-flags - An internationalization helper for django
  • django-job-board - A simple pluggable job board for django
  • django-graphviz - Django + Graphiz
  • django-trac - Django Hacks Trac (help django and trac working together)
  • GoFlow? - A workflow engine for django inspired by the zope2 product Openflow
  • django-googlemap? - get your site GoogleMaps-enabled (in development)
  • Zope3 Page Templates - Makes Zope3 Page Templates available to Django sites.
  • SimpleTAL Templates - Makes SimpleTAL Page Templates available to Django sites.
  • django-xmlrpc - a means by which a Django developer can expose their views (or indeed any other function) using XML-RPC.
  • DMigrate tool to migrate Django databases easily.
  • django-simpleaggregation A component which allows for (simplistic) aggregation of data about Django models.
  • django-lifestream A generic application for the Django framework that lets you combine multiple RSS and Atom feeds into one lifestream-style page.
  • django-sslauth SSL client certificate authentication and validation
  • django-cas YaleCAS (Central Authentication Service) plugin for user authentication
  • django-event-calendar A event calendar application component
  • kss.django A django application for integration of AJAX with KSS.
  • comments A comment application to allow users top post comment on your website. Inspired by freecomments.
  • django-photologue A Django application for uploading, resizing, organizing, grouping, relating and displaying photographs and image galleries.
  • django-imagekit Add "Photologue-style" image processing (resizing, effects, etc.) to your models in a simple, unobtrusive way.
  • django-diario A pluggable weblog application for Django Web Framework.
  • django-mssql An external database backend (based on ado-mssql) that allows MS SQL Server to run against Django-trunk
  • Blogmaker A full-featured, production-quality blogging application with support for trackback, ping and comment honeypots
  • django-pingback Pingback implementation for Django
  • Django MPTT - Utilities for implementing Modified Preorder Tree Traversal (MPTT) with your Django Model classes and working with trees of Model instances.
  • django-treebeard - 3 different efficient tree implementations: Adjacency List, Materialized Path and Nested Sets. They share the same API, so it’s easy to switch between them.
  • django-dynamic-media-serve - Django Dynamic Media Serve is the good alternative of the default django.views.static.serve for serving the media files in Django.
  • django-cron - Djang-Cron is a simple tool that allows you to have cron jobs for you applications. It comes with an example to delete expired sessions, and I have one for django-registration to delete expired users. Django Cron is intended to replace anything you would be adding to a bin directory in your own Django App
  • django-fleshin - Fleshin is a pluggable photo management application for Django Web Framework.
  • django-queue-service - A lightweight, open-source queueing mechanism along the lines of the Amazon Simple Queue Service.
  • django-rosetta - Rosetta is a Django application that eases the internationalization (i18n) process of Django projects.
  • django-graphs - An extensible graphing engine using the Cairo graphics and FreeType libraries.
  • django-geo – A generic, easy-to-use location-awareness application.
  • django-feedclowd – The lifestreaming application that powers
  • django-yacaptcha - Customizable and easy to use captcha application for Django.
  • django-localeurl - Specify the page language on the URL.
  • geodjango-basic-apps - Simple Django Apps highlighting GeoDjango integration
  • django-worldmap - Displays your data in colorful maps like Wikipedia.
  • django-maintenancemode - Django-maintenancemode allows you to temporary shutdown your site for maintenance work.
  • django-http-digest - Allows you to protect views with HTTP digest authentication.
  • django-simple-captcha - Extremely simple, yet highly customizable Django application to add captcha images to any Django form.
  • django-webproxy - A reverse proxy app in django.
  • django-pad - A wiki support multiusers.
  • sf-django-wiki - A flexible and embeddable Django wiki engine.
  • django-licenses - With django-licenses you can give every object a different content license. You can easily manage your licenses and use them in other ways too.
  • django-fullhistory - Offers an audit trail to be kept for objects being editted, even outside of the admin.
  • django-flatemails - Django Flatemail System to allow for manageable email templating, much like flat pages.
  • django-modeltranslation Translate dynamic content of existing models without having to change the original model classes (using a registration approach).
  • django-reviews - A generic review application for Django projects, which allows association of a number of reviews with any Model instance and makes retrieval of reviews simple.
  • django-ldapdb - Allows you to access LDAP entries through Django Models.
  • python-piwik - Integrate piwik tracker into django with admin integration.

Open-Source Django projects

These are stand-alone applications written using Django.


Installing and configuring Django

Development environment


Code examples

Web services/APIs

Tutorials on the Web


Resources in other languages


Cheat Sheets and Quick Starts

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