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Django admin expects users' passwords to be entered as SHA-1 hashes in the format [algo]$[salt]$[hexdigest]. Here is a tool which automates calculating the hashes on the client side.

What it does as of version 1.0 is:

  • searches each opened page for an <input> with id="id_password", class="vTextField required", name="password, size="30" and maxlength="128", which is how the password field is defined in Django admin
  • when the password field loses focus, replaces its contents with a SHA-1 salted hash as Django expects
  • does not modify field contents if it's already a hash

You need to


  • works on all standard Django admin sites
  • nothing to install on the server side


  • needs the extension on the browser
  • doesn't use a real password field ­­-- password entry is visible


Note: Don't try to install the script using the attachments below. Use the remote link above instead. Admins should remove the attachments.

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