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CookBook - Data Models

Multiple "levels" & multiple components

A "category" data model - for use in custom documents, weblog entries, etc.

A "category" data model (Post Magic) - Same as the "category" data model above, but with updated code for the magic-removal trunk.

An efficient parent/child relationship - Similar to the "category" data model above, but doesn't use recursive functions, neither multiple queries.

CookBookTreeStructure A tree DB system that is fast for insert, select and delete. Requires small change to django source.

Model Inheritance

Using markup filters in models? - efficiently using Markdown, Textile, etc. in models

Labels/tags for any model with a single line in the model code.

A "Constants" class - a neat trick to enhance the choices functionality

Splitting models to multiple files - it is possible after all

Predicates - or "3-tuples" or "semantically enriched many-to-many relationships".

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