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Django source code repository and wiki

Django is available open-source under the BSD license.

Browse and contribute online

Get the code

See our download page for instructions.

Example applications

  • See the full code and templates for the Django-powered portions of this site (i.e., everything except the ticket system). The Python code is available under the BSD license, but the templates are copyrighted by World Online and shouldn't be copied.
  • Django-powered sites -- List your site(s) here!

Code extras

User-contributed documentation

  • Server arrangements -- How to use Django with FCGI, Twisted, etc.
  • CookBook -- Code recipes.
  • CommonPitfalls -- Common developer errors, gotchas, etc.
  • Backwards-incompatible changes -- A page that collects all deprecated features and backwards-incompatible changes in preparation for Django's first release.
  • DocumentationSuggestions -- A place to put docs that you wish you could have found while learning
  • Python Web development with Django -- A presentation in pseudo-PowerPoint format that provides a good overview.
  • TutorialInBrazilianPortuguese - Translation of the tutorial into BrazilianPortuguese

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