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    44The is the primary source for help on using Django. However many users are unable to get full mileage from the list as they are inexperienced in formulating their questions and in interacting with the list members. This page seeks to address this problem. Many members of the list, including core developers, take a lot of time and trouble to patiently answer questions asked, and we users should take as much trouble to ask properly formulated questions. Try to follow the steps outlined below to make for a more pleasant and rewarding experience on the list.
     6== Migrating from other frameworks/tools ==
     7People migrating from other frameworks/tools face particular issues, mainly regarding basic concepts. We try to address some of these issues here.
     8=== Zope/Plone ===
     9 * The fundamental difference here is that Zope is a *server* and completely self contained. It has it is a webserver cum database server cum templating engine. On the other hand Django is a loosely coupled set of components, and one has to set up the webserver and database outside the framework on one's own - and there is a plethora of choices for these.
     10 * The Zope templating language is practically a programming language on it's own and it is common practice to embed script python code within templates. Django, on the other hand strictly limits the amount of logic one can put in templates, and it is impossible to embed python code in templates.
     11 * Zope has clearly defined methods for adding extensions and products. Django does not.
     12=== Drupal ===
     13=== php frameworks ===
     14=== Java ===
     15=== RubyOnRails ===
    717== Are you new to Python? ==
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