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    33= Overview =
    44The is the primary source for help on using Django. However many users are unable to get full mileage from the list as they are inexperienced in formulating their questions and in interacting with the list members. This page seeks to address this problem. Many members of the list, including core developers, take a lot of time and trouble to patiently answer questions asked, and we users should take as much trouble to ask properly formulated questions. Try to follow the steps outlined below to make for a more pleasant and rewarding experience on the list.
     7== Are you new to Python? ==
     8Asking question about Python related subjects is fine as long as;
     10* You follow the same guidelines as the rest of this document
     11* The question itself is somehow vaguely related to your Django project
     12* You understand that learning Django will involve learning Python as well.
     14For those who would like to read some tutorials on the basics of Python, you could try:
    617== Classify your question ==
    1930=== Questions on best practices ===
    21 == Do your homework!! ==
     32== How to find the answers yourself ==
    2233* Most of the time, Google holds the answer to your question.
    2334* Don't expect a 'one-shot / copy-and-paste' answer, there may be some work involved.
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