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     1= Make sure you are using the right documentation version =
     3You've opened a ticket in our bug/issue tracker reporting something you've read in the official documentation doesn't work as described or at all when trying it in your Django installation.
     5What is actually happening is that the version of Django that documentation describes is different from the version of Django you are using.
     7The Django documentation is handled together and in the same way as the source code (e.g. it is part of the source tree and is maintained with the same version control system) so every release and development branch has an independent copy of it. Because of this, the documents of newer or in-development Django versions evolve diverging from older versions as they are modified to describe new features or changes in behavior.
     9If you are reading the documentation online from our [ documentation web site] there is now a light green widget that appears in the lower right corner of the screen that you can use to confirm and switch among different documentation versions.
     11Some examples (links to the entry points of the respective documentation versions):
     13* Documentation for the current in-development version:
     14* Django 1.3.x documentation:
     15* Django 1.2.x documentation:
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