This is a list of template engines and languages which are similar to, or inspired by, the Django Template Language. Some of them can be used in Django as a substitute for DTL, others are listed mostly for the cross-pollination value.


Inspired by DTL, has some different properties. Allows logic to be expressed in templates more easily (many see this as a bad thing).


Angular's use of {{ var | filter }} syntax seems to be taken from Django templates. I (Shai) have seen no acknowledgment of this, but I haven't looked very hard.


Synth is a C++ template engine, which includes an implementation of DTL. It can by used from Django by way of django-synth; See small discussion about it, including some promising performance comparisons, here.


Grantlee is an older C++ implementation of DTL, for use in C++ (and specifically, Qt-based programs). Does not appear to be usable from Django in particular or Python in general.

Of specific interest: A list of differences from Django.


A django-like templating engine for PHP.


Mozilla's implementation of Jinja in Javascript.

Liquid templating language

Ruby templating library, extracted from Shopify. The syntax for tags, variables, and filters is the same as Django's.

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