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Can easy_install straight from svn!

easy_install http://code.djangoproject.com/svn/django/trunk/

Sweet! (It works nicely, except when it breaks with setuptools complaining about "NameError: log" or something. Duh.)

Multiple versions

Some of us had previous installations in the standard location, site-packages/, and wanted to not touch them. Can install (typically, check out latest from SVN) to a home directory (or C:\Temp, ugh!), and then symlink it in site-packages/, or hack PYTHON_PATH before invoking the "non-standard" installations. (Examples?)

The official tutorial

  • "Applications": WTF? No explanation what they're for.

But see more about the tutorial.

Template handles "un/safe" text

HTML escaped automatically. Or not. But, note that HTML uses several syntaxes/domains: content (ie, plain text) marked up with HTML must not contain <, >, or & -- these must be escaped. Then, element attributes must not contain " (double quotes). And <xmp> nodes must not contain the string "</xmp>", and have no concept of escapes. Ugh.

So, does Django's templating support all this mess?

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