Django sprint(s), Nov 13 2010

NEW: Ideas for thing to work on during the sprints: SprintIdeas

Django users from Argentina (UTC-3) will be holding one-day Django sprint(s) on Saturday November 13:

  • Facultad de Matemática, Astronomía y Física Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Córdoba
  • mindpulse, Roque Perez 4263 B7, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires
  • (undefined place), Rafaela, Santa Fe
  • anue, Santa Fe Balcarce 522 "A", Rosario
  • (add your location if you plan to host/sponsor another sprint)

There will be another sprint at Berlin, Germany (UTC+1) the same day.

According to the Django roadmap, Django will be on post-alpha bug fix/minor feature implementation season for the 1.3 release, so this sprint will largely be focused on fixing bugs to help with that release planned for January 2011. That said, if you want to do feature work we won't discourage people who are interested in working on new features for releases post 1.3.

Sprints are a great place to start contributing to the Django project, no previous experience is necessary. Just show up.

What's a sprint? How do I participate?

See Sprints for information about how sprints work, how you can participate, etc. In particular:

  • Make sure you have an account in the Django trac (this one) so you emailaddress isn't published and available for spammers harvesting.
  • We will be in #pyar on IRC (freenode servers), and possibly somewhere else (but the meeting point is #pyar). Make sure you have an IRC client and an account configured.

Anybody, anywhere around the world, can participate and contribute. If you can't make it you can also help out in IRC.


  • Córdoba: 10AM - 7PM.
  • Buenos Aires: From 9AM

Getting there

  • For the Córdoba sprint, we will be using the Smith room ("en el ultimo piso del ala vieja del edificio") at the Facultad de Matemática, Astronomía y Física de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. If you plan to participate please add yourself to the list below because we need to provide the Faculty the list of names. Here is a map to help you to get there.
  • mindpulse will be hosting the Buenos Aires sprint. If you plan to participate please add your name below. You can find directions here. Please bring your laptop as we have limited desktop computers.
  • For the Rafaela sprint, we are still searching for a place. We will update this when we have one.
  • For the Rosario sprint, we'll be at Balcarce 522 "A". A map of the location is here.


  • Machinalis is helping with things like the venue for the Córdoba sprint.
  • mindpulse will be hosting the Buenos Aires sprint in their offices.
  • anue, will be hosting the Rosario sprint in their offices.


If you're planning to participate sign yourself up here:

In Córdoba

  • Ramiro Morales (cramm)
  • Matías Bordese (matiasb)
  • Walter Alini (walteralini)
  • Rafael Capdevielle (rafen)
  • Pablo Ambrosio (pandres)
  • Daniel Moisset (Darni)
  • Natalia Bidart (nessita)
  • Federico Heinz (e-squizo)
  • Dario Graña (dariog)
  • Put your name here

In Capital Federal

  • Iván Raskovsky (rasca)
  • Andrés Osinski
  • Joni Bekenstein
  • Tomas Zulberti
  • Joaquin Quintas
  • Mariano Falcón
  • Javier Viola Villanueva (pepo)
  • Xavier Lesa (ninja_otoko)
  • Put your name here

In Rafaela

  • César Roldán
  • Juan Pedro Fisanotti (fisadev)
  • Put your name here

In Rosario

  • Marcos Moyano (marcosmoyano)
  • Fabián Ezequiel Gallina (fgallina)


  • Matías Iturburu (tutuca)
  • Renzo Carbonara (k0001)
  • Put your name here
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