Django sprint, March 6 2010

Update: This is a list of tickets attacked during these sprints.

Django users from Argentina will be holding one-day Django sprints at two locations on Saturday March 6th:

  • Python Argentina PyCamp 2010, Verónica, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Facultad de Matemática, Astronomía y Física Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina

According to the Django 1.2 roadmap, Django will be on release candidates season for the 1.2 release, so this sprint will largely be focused on fixing bugs to make 1.2 as clean as possible. That said, if you want to do feature work, 1.3 will be on its way soon so we won't discourage people who are interested in working on new features for the 1.3 release.

Sprints are a great place to start contributing to the Django project, no previous experience is necessary. Just show up.

What's a sprint? How do I participate?

See Sprints for information about how sprints work, how you can participate, etc. In particular:

  • Make sure you have an account in the django trac (this one)
  • If you're participating from the PyCamp, we'll be having limited bandwidth. It's a good idea if you checkout the django tree (both trunk and the 1.1.X branch) beforehand
    • Alternatively, I (Daniel Moisset) will be taking a Mercurial repo there so we can work mostly locally
  • We will be in #pyar on IRC (freenode servers), and possibly somewhere else (but the meeting point is #pyar). Make sure you have an IRC client and an account configured.

Anybody, anywhere around the world, can participate and contribute. If you can't make it you can also help out in IRC.


We plan to start at 3pm UTC (12pm UTC-3, in Córdoba we have clearance to use the room from 12pm to 7pm UTC-3 and PyCamp participants also plan to gaher at that time.)

Getting there


  • Machinalis is helping with things like the venue for the Córdoba sprint.


If you're planning to participate sign yourself up here:

In Córdoba

  • Ramiro Morales (cramm)
  • Walter Alini (walteralini)
  • Natalia Bidart (nessita)
  • Matías Bordese (matiasb)
  • Elisa Montes (efmontes)
  • Fabián Gallina (fgallina)
  • Marcos Moyano (marcosmoyano)
  • Matías Herranz (scoobygalletas)
  • Dario Graña (dariog)
  • Fabián Ramírez (faramirez)
  • Martín Gaitán (tin_nqn)

In PyCamp 2010

  • Daniel Moisset (Darni)
  • Gonzalo Delgado (g0nzal0)
  • Javier Mansilla (javimansilla)
  • Juanjo Conti (jjconti)
  • Mariano Falcón (mfalcon)
  • Anthony Lenton (elachuni)
  • Alejandro Santos (alejolp)
  • Santiago Piccinini (SAn)


  • Jannis Leidel
  • Federico Peretti (slackdeb)
  • Joseph Kocherhans
  • Put your name here
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