December 2007 Django sprint

We'll be holding a Django sprint on Saturday, Dec. 1st, 2007; this page has all the details.

What is a sprint?

Basically, a Django sprint is an excuse for people to focus their undivided attention, for a set time frame, on improving Django. It's a focused, scheduled effort to fix bugs, add new features and improve documentation.

Anybody, anywhere around the world, can participate and contribute. (See the "How to contribute" section below for details.) Most contributors will be at their own homes/schools/workplaces, but a number of people will gather together in person for camaraderie, improved communication and the other benefits of face-to-face interaction.

If you've never contributed to Django before, this is the perfect chance for you to chip in.

How to contribute

It's easy: Pick something to work on and do it. All sorts of tasks are available, from hard-core hacking to improving documentation to fixing small bugs.

Of course, with more than 100 people around the world signed up to help, good communication is essential. We're currently planning the best way to manage contributions.

Have a look at the SprintIdeas page if you would like some ideas about what to work on.

Preparing for the sprint

Here are a few easy things you can do ahead of time to make sure your time is spent effectively:


In person (Lawrence, KS)

If you'd like to attend in person, please email Jacob (jacob -at- jacobian -dot- org) and let him know you're coming.

Update 11/28: all the hotels in close proximity are full, and couches have been spoken for. If you're trying to come at the last minute, please email Jacob before making any plans to make sure we can accommodate you.

  • Jacob Kaplan-Moss
  • Christian Metts
  • Joseph Kocherhans
  • Malcolm Tredinnick
  • Jeremy Dunck
  • Brett Hoerner
  • Justin Bronn
  • Travis Pinney
  • James Bennett
  • Matt Croydon
  • David Krauth
  • Erik Karulf
  • Ben Slavin
  • Marty Alchin
  • George Vilches
  • Trey Long
  • Travis Terry
  • Jeff Triplett
  • Nathan Borror

In person (Amsterdam, the Netherlands; GMT+1)

Because it's way more fun to share some time developing together. I would like to invite people living in/around the Netherlands to my office in Amsterdam. The building is called Beurs van Berlage which is situated directly next to Amsterdam's Central Station, parking space is also next door. Please drop me an email: remco -at- diji -dot- biz.

  • Remco Wendt
  • Rudolph Froger
  • Jeroen Vloothuis
  • Paul Jongsma

In person (Prague, Czech Republic; GMT+1)

Same as last sprint: anybody in Prague, come and join us at NetCentrum's offices.

  • Ales Zoulek
  • Honza Kral
  • Jakub Vysoky
  • Jan Killian
  • Ondrej Kohout
  • Tomas Horacek

In person (Dresden, Germany; GMT+1)

We're holding the Django sprint in the Tschitschereengreen Office from Friday 24.00 to Saturday 24.00.

Please feel invited to join us. More info in our blog.

  • Sebastian Friedel
  • Christopher Dickes
  • Jannis Leidel
  • Tobias von Klipstein
  • Daniel Poelzleithner
  • Wolfram Kriesing

In person (Beijing, China; GMT+8)

We're holding the Django sprint in the Exoweb office from Saturday 11:30 until Saturday 24:00. Feel free to join if you're in Beijing. See Django sprint post for more information. Please also post a comment to that blog post if you want to come so we can keep you updated about changes.

  • Bartuer
  • Bjørn Stabell
  • Border
  • Ionuţ Bizău
  • Jian Ting (Aries)
  • Mark Donald
  • Rachel
  • Tim Goh
  • Wang Chun
  • Wang Lei
  • Peter Cai
  • Darren Cui
  • Chew Chee Ming
  • Bob Gao

In person (Boulder, Colorado; GMT-7)

We're planning to meet at the bivio office (as usual), 28th and Iris, above the Hair Elite Salon, unless someone volunteers nicer space :). 9 AM - 5 PM as usual. Just put your name here. Email jbaker -at- zyasoft -dot- com if any questions.

  • Brian Rosner
  • Ian Kelly
  • Jay Graves
  • Jim Baker, probably on Jython
  • Matt Boersma
  • Neal McBurnett

In person (Northampton, MA, USA; GMT-5)

We're planning on a mid-day stint at Bruegger's Bagels on Main Street, starting at around 11am. Email Paul (pb @ with any questions.

  • Paul Bissex
  • David Schein

In person (Sydney, Australia; GMT+11)

We'll be sprinting at the offices of Ether in Glebe on Sunday (which partly overlaps with Saturday in the US!). Drop a line to thomas -at- ether -dot- com -dot- au if you'd like to join us.

  • Thomas Ashelford
  • Greg Turner
  • Julien Phalip


Add your name below, in alphabetical order by first name.

  • Adam Vandenberg (Chapel Hill, NC; GMT-5)
  • Adrian Holovaty (Chicago, IL; GMT-6)
  • Alex Gaynor (Chicago, IL; GMT-6)
  • Alexander Solovyov (Kiev, Ukraine; GMT+2)
  • Allagappan M (Bangalore, India; GMT +530)
  • Andrew Shearer (Providence, RI; GMT-5)
  • Andrews Medina (Rondonópolis, Brasil; GMT-4)
  • Antoni Aloy (Binissalem, Spain; GMT+1)
  • Antti Kaihola (Espoo, Finland; GMT+2)
  • Ariane Paola Gomes (Sao Paulo, Brazil; GMT-3)
  • Armin Ronacher (Hermagor, Austria; GMT+1)
  • Arthur Koziel (Fröndenberg, Germany, GMT+1)
  • Caleb Harrelson (Des Moines, IA; GMT-6)
  • Carlos José Barroso (San Luis, AR, GMT -3)
  • Chris Beaven (Wellington, New Zealand; GMT+13)
  • Christiano Anderson (Sao Paulo, Brazil; GMT-3)
  • David Cramer (San Francisco, CA; GMT-8)
  • David Larlet (Paris, France; GMT+1)
  • David Reynolds (Norwich, UK; GMT)
  • David Tulig (Austin, TX; GMT-6)
  • Daniel Poelzleithner (Leipzig, DE, GMT+1)
  • Dimitris Glezos (Athens or Patras, Greece; GMT+2)
  • Eric Florenzano (Eden Prairie, MN; GMT-6)
  • Filip Munz (Bologna, Italy; GMT+1)
  • Florian Apolloner (Klagenfurt, AT; GMT+1)
  • Georgy Berdyshev (Sao Paulo, Brazil; GMT-3)
  • Guilherme Mesquita Gondim (Formiga, Brasil; GMT-3)
  • Hugh Bien (San Diego, CA; GMT-8)
  • Jannis Leidel (Weimar, Germany, GMT+1)
  • Jason Davies (London, UK; GMT)
  • Jason Vandecreek (Wichita, KS; GMT -6)
  • Johan De Taeye (Brussels, Belgium; GMT+1)
  • Jon Lønne (Oslo, Norway; GMT + 1)
  • Jonathan Ballet (Grenoble, France; GMT+1)
  • Jonathan Buchanan (Banbridge, UK; GMT)
  • Kamil Dworakowski (London, UK; GMT)
  • Karen Tracey (Apex, NC; GMT-5)
  • Keith Bussell (Los Angeles, CA; GMT-8)
  • Kent Primrose (Waukesha, WI; GMT-6)
  • Konrad Delong (London, UK; GMT)
  • Leo Soto (Santiago, Chile; GMT-3)
  • Liam Clarke-Hutchinson (Christchurch, New Zealand, GMT+13)
  • Manuel Saelices (Sevilla, España; GMT+1)
  • Marc Garcia (Barcelona, Catalonia; GMT+1)
  • Marinho Brandão (Goiânia, Brasil; GMT-3)
  • Mateusz Lapsa-Malawski (Cracow, Poland; GMT+1)
  • Matt McClanahan (Portland, OR; GMT-8)
  • Michael Radziej (Nürnberg, Germany; GMT+1)
  • Michael Trier (Louisville, KY; GMT-5)
  • Nara Narasimhan (Fremont, CA; GMT-8)
  • Nick Efford (Leeds, UK; GMT)
  • Nicola Larosa (Rome, Italy; GMT+1)
  • Niels Sandholt Busch (Copenhagen, Denmark; GMT+1)
  • Orestis Markou (Athens, Greece; GMT+2)
  • Parker McGee (Atlanta, GA; GMT-5)
  • Paul Smith (Chicago, IL; GMT-6)
  • Rajesh Dhawan (Piermont, NY; GMT-5)
  • Ramiro Morales, cramm on (Córdoba, Argentina; GMT-3)
  • Raphaël Braud (Montbazon, France; GMT+1)
  • Renzo Carbonara (Entre Rios, Argentina; GMT-3)
  • Reza Mohammadi (Tehran, Iran; GMT+3:30)
  • Rob Harvey (Santa Cruz, CA, USA: Sunday only)
  • Ryan Kaskel (Miami, Florida; GMT-5:00)
  • Sean Mc Allister (Vienna, Austria; GMT+1)
  • Simeon Franklin (Modesto, CA; GMT-8)
  • Simon Litchfield (Gold Coast, Australia; GMT+10)
  • Simon Oberhammer (Vienna, Austria; GMT+1)
  • Simon Greenhill (Auckland, New Zealand; GMT+12)
  • Thomas Kerpe (Karlsruhe, Germany; GMT+1)
  • Tom Christensen (Salt Lake City, UT, USA; GMT-7)
  • Tony Becker (St. Louis, MO, USA; GMT-6)
  • Tyler Tarabula (New York, NY; GMT-5)
  • Ville Säävuori (Turku, Finland; GMT+2)
  • Vsevolod Solovyov (Kiev, Ukraine; GMT+2)
  • Gary Wilson (Austin, TX; GMT-6)
  • Yuri Baburov (Novosibirsk, Russia; GMT+6)
  • Yves Serrano (Zurich, Switzerland; GMT+1)
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