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transcripts are useful for Google Video as well; added some info on that

Snakes and Rubies was a meeting in Chicago involving the Django team and David Heinemeier Hanson from Ruby on Rails, and had a presentation of both frameworks, and a questions and answers session.

Jacob Kaplan-Moss has created some videos of the meeting; for people who would like something quick to skim over, I've been working on a bit of a transcript of his main full conference video. (Currently an incomplete one).

Please keep me (eugene-at-lazutkin-dot-com) posted on the progress --- I'll add this transcript to Google Video files so they would be properly indexed. 4 files are "pending verification": full version, Adrian's presentation, David's presentation, and Q&A session.

It's pretty close to word for word, excluding some hesitations and backtracking, and ever so minimally edited to make the slide references more understandable.

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