Transcript of the introduction to the meeting.

Snakes and Rubies DePaul University December 3rd, 2005

Presented by:

Chicago Ruby User's Group ( )

ChiPy, The Chicago Python User's Group ( )

DePaul Linux User's Group ( )

DePaul Computer Science Society ( )



2 unknown presenters.

David H. H. for Ruby ( )

Adrian H. for Django ( )

Simon Willison from Django (in the audience)

Jacob Kaplan-Moss from Django (mentioned, handling A/V mostly off-camera)

Audience, ~120 attendees.




Right, are we ready there? OK. Well, welcome to the first snakes and rubies event here, we will have another one. We are excited, the chicago ruby users group is excited to be here, the Chicago Python User's Group, er, were excited to be here, and I just want to tell you a little bit here in terms of our schedule.

We're first going to have some presentations by David and Adrian, and they're going to show us a little bit about Rails and Django, then we'll get into a little bit of the moderated debate and questions part of the event, and probably open it up towards the end for some of your questions, and then give them a chance at the end for some closing remarks. So that'll be kind of our order of events.

Before we get to far here, I'm going to go ahead and thank the DePaul Linux User's Group for helping us get the room here, and to organise things, and the computer science society for getting the food.


Umm, it was suggested that we go ahead and see how many people here are from the Ruby crowd and how many from the Python crowd, so just a show of hands - who's here with Ruby? And who's with Python?

*audience: Perl?*

OK, who's here with something else?

We did try to get someone to present from the Perl group, but there was no one who was willing to do that.

OK, let's go ahead and get started.

Brandon, do you want to come and say a word about the Linux User's group here? And he's also going to flip a coin to see who's going to present first here.

  • Coin heads/tails discussion {Python got Heads} *

Brandon: Thanks to everyone for coming out and everything, the DPLC is really excited to be hosting this event here on campus. For anyone who is interested in Linux, we have a website (above) and on that we have a mailing list and upcoming events. Everything that we do is open, free events and has free food - a bit of incentive to come out - we do a lot of events on various programming, various servers and use and that kind of stuff, so if you're interested please check that out. Our website/mailing list, everything about us is free. Without further ado I'm going to go ahead and flip the coin - and it is heads.

  • applause *
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