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    1313== Status ==
    15 Branch was created on 13 September, 2007.
     15The branch was created on 13 September, 2007.
    17 At the moment, the branch should be fairly usable for people wishing to test (with the exception of the Oracle backend, as noted below). It is not appropriate for production usage. Some of the new features, such as model inheritance still have rough edges or are incomplete, but all the porting work is complete and code that fixed existing bugs should all work. There are still some internal changes that need to be made prior to merging with trunk, so any code that tries to rely on internal methods may need to change before the next release.
    19 Bug reports against code '''not''' listed in the [#Workinprogress work in progress] section should be filed in Trac. Please take some extra effort to check for duplicates first.
    21 Tickets of interest for this branch are marked with ''qs-rf'' (and ''qs-rf-fixed'' when fixed) in the keywords field in Trac. [ This report] shows all the tickets being worked on (To view ''qs-rf'' with the ''qs-rf-fixed'' tagged tickets, [ view this report]).
     17The branch was merged into trunk on 26 April, 2008 (in [7477]).
    2319== New features ==
    6359   This difference only applies when `f1` and `f2` are referencing the same multi-valued relationship (a `ManyToManyField` or reverse `ForeignKey`). The first version allows filtering against different items from the relationship (things that match `f1` on one object in the related table as well as `f2` on another object in the related table), whereas the second version's filters will be applied to the same item. See the database API documentation section called "Lookups that span relationships" for details.
    65 == Work in progress ==
     61== Things to Note ==
    67 If you are testing this branch, there are a few areas that need caution. These are known places that are work-in-progress, so expecting them to work perfectly (or even at all) would be optimistic. Obviously, in addition to these points there are a lot of little things being tweaked and fixed, as well as optimisation work going on. That's to be expected on a branch.
    69  * Model inheritance has not been integrated into the admin. It's unclear at this time whether it will be worth doing this for existing admin or just port straight to newforms-admin. In any case, trying to use multi-table inheritance via the admin interface won't work.
    70  * {{{OneToOneField}}} in the admin interface has similar problems.
     63 * Model inheritance has not been integrated into the existing admin. It will eventually be implemented in the newforms-admin branch.
     64 * {{{OneToOneField}}} in the admin interface has a similar status.
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