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Initial docs

Preparing an Oracle GeoDjango test setup

Since GeoDjango requires full featured Oracle installation instead of XE this document is meant to ease up installation and testing GeoDjango parts.


Install Oracle client and set it up as documented in Install GeoDjango requirements as documented in

How to get full Oracle

Easiest way is to use Oracle VirtualBox with prebuilt Oracle installation VM.

  1. Download and install Oracle VirtualBox from or use package manager from your system.
  2. Download Oracle Developer Day image from
NOTE: You may not use Oracle Developer Day VM for any other purposes than testing

Database setup

  1. Create a user and give the needed privileges:

    $ sudo su oracle
    $ sqlplus / as sysdba
    SQL> CREATE USER djangotest IDENTIFIED BY djangotest;
    SQL> GRANT DBA TO djangotest;
    SQL> quit
    $ exit

Run tests

  1. Create settings file:

    TEST_RUNNER = 'django.contrib.gis.tests.GeoDjangoTestSuiteRunner'
        'default' : {
                'ENGINE' : '',
                'PORT' : '1521',
                'HOST' : '',
                'NAME' : 'orcl',
                'USER' : 'djangotest',
                'PASSWORD' : 'djangotest',
  2. Run tests: test --settings=geodjango_oracle
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