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updated status of DjangoContext rename

Namespace Simplification

On django-developers, we discussed some changes to the django namespace, and adding a new "shortcuts" module to allow 1 line imports for common tasks. These changes are part of RemovingTheMagic.

Here's a summary of what should be done:

Move httpwrappers

Status: Done

Move django.utils.httpwrappers, plus the Http404 exception. to django.http

Move template

Status: Done

Move django.core.template to django.template

Rename DjangoContext to RequestContext, and move the class to the django.template module.

You'll need to update TEMPLATE_LOADERS in your settings from:

#    'django.core.template.loaders.eggs.load_template_source',

#    'django.template.loaders.eggs.load_template_source',

Move formfields

Status: Not started

Move django.core.formfields to django.forms

Add "shortcuts" modules for common tasks

Status: Not started

Add django.shortcuts.views, django.shortcuts.templatetags, what else?

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