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Little, easy improvements

Here's a list of various improvements that we'd like to make to Django. Some are trivial, some are a bit more substantial, but all are easy enough to be a quick project for people who want to get involved with Django development. If you don't feel like a python coder you can always help with documentation needing patches or, between coding and documenting, you can give a hand with the patches needing tests, or patches that need some other improvement.

As you see, there are lots of things you can do to improve Django and get you involved with it!

To sign up, just edit this page and put your name (and, optionally, your e-mail address) next to the to-do item.


Test one of the active branches?Branches are large or experimental features that are not yet ready for general use. If you see one you like, testing is a great way to help get it finished and included in Django.perennial
#4092implement a "missing option" in localflavor widgets
#528,#4940Implement some form of automatic generation of PDFs from the docs for the website, as well as an easy way to generate HTML/PDF docs from the SVN checkout
#1028Add more elements to the high-level RSS Framework. Note that #3502 has time-to-live.
#4030Enable auto-translation of language names
#4094databrowse calendars do not translate the month back to english resulting in an errorNick EffordPatch attached to #4094
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