The Jenkins continuous integration environment at builds pull requests using the GitHub Integration Plugin.


The main pull request builder runs on Ubuntu 14.04 with PostgreSQL 9.5.3 and MySQL 5.6. GIS: spatialite 4.1.1, GDAL 1.10.1, GEOS 3.4.2, PostGIS 2.1

Other pull request builders which can be triggered manually with the corresponding comment phrases:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 builder runs on PostgreSQL 9.5 and MySQL 5.7. GIS: spatialite 4.3.0a-5, GDAL 1.11.3, GEOS 3.5.0, PostGIS 2.2
    • buildbot, test on xenial.
  • Oracle builder runs on Oracle The Oracle tests take about 40 minutes, so we avoid them unless we suspect a change may have broken something on Oracle.
    • buildbot, test on oracle.
  • Selenium builder runs the selenium tests.
    • buildbot, test on selenium.
  • Retired: Ubuntu 12.04 runs on PostgreSQL 9.1 and MySQL 5.5. GIS: spatialite 3.0.0~beta, GDAL 1.7.3, GEOS 3.2.2, PostGIS 1.5.3

Other checks

Some other builders run on all pull requests:


Q: The build result disappeared. How do I get it back?

A: Build results are kept for a few days. Repush to your branch if you need to run the build again.

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