Ideas for -site

Many times Django is a hard technology choice to sell because its fairly unknown. It would help if there was one place to get assurance for example that 1) yes, it will be around next year, and 2) these are the (other) companies you can hire to develop and maintain your Django project. So, we need something like "" to:

  • promote Django to enterprise customers
  • share success stories (like BMW, Nasa)
  • list proven Django developers and consultancies (eg. "if you need help, these are the companies and individuals you can contact")

This page is for gathering ideas and producing a plan to move forward with the it. Any help and suggestions is welcome. Discussions should propably go on dsf-members or some other mailinglist. (See this thread for example.)

Ideas for the site

  • "Django in Enterprise"-executive review (a very short introduction to Django and success stories)
  • Success stories
  • List of DSF-approved companies, by country
    • You need to be a DSF member to get to the list?
  • List of individuals/freelancers, by country

Starting points

  • Developers For Hire -page already has a good list of companies and individuals by country
  • lists thousands of individual developers all over the world
  • Is there any promo/marketing material available? Who could write/design something? (Printable stuff would be nice.)

People willing to help

List your name here if you are willing to actually *do* something to get this project up and running.

  • Ville Säävuori <ville at syneus dot fi>
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