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Django Forum Apps Comparison

Yvan Seth's blog entry Django Forum Software from December 2007 lists a few well-known discussion forum applications for Django. This page continues on the same tracks and tries to gather a comparison of essential features in those applications.

Hover the mouse pointer over the column headings for verbose descriptions.

App Author(s) notify moderate
django-forum Ross Poulton patch no
counterpoint Colin Grady ? ?
Django Forum Jonathan Buchanan no? no?
django-discussion Jonathan Buchanan ? ?
snapboard Bo Shi, JW Mayfield ? ?
MyghtyBoard Piotr Malinski ? ?
Sphene Herbert Poul ? ?
Zyons Ian Holsman? ? ?

This page was originally created by akaihola. There's a django-users thread about this page. I'll update information posted on that thread to this page.

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