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Django Forum Apps Comparison

Yvan Seth's blog entry Django Forum Software from December 2007 lists a few well-known discussion forum applications for Django. This page continues on the same tracks and tries to gather a comparison of essential features in those applications.

Features currently evaluated
Feature Description
demo If the application has a public demo site, a link and login/password are given.
guest-post Visitors can post messages without registration.
notify An administrator can be notified by E-mail and/or SMS about new messages. Note that this feature should be trivial to add to most apps with signals and external code only.
pre-moderate It's possible to hide new messages until they are approved by an administrator.
post-moderate The app provides a user interface for removing messages.
comment Any Django model instance can have a message thread attached to it.
forum The app provides the concept of a forum inside which message threads are grouped.
title Individual messages can have their own titles.
modify Users can modify messages.
msg-history When message are modified, everyone can see the change history.
private Users can send private messages to other users.

Summary of major Django forum/discussion apps and their support for the above features
Application Author(s) demo guest-post notify pre-moderate post-moderate comment forum title modify msg-history private
contrib.comments Django authors ? yes no? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
comment-utils James Bennett ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
django-threadedcomments Eric Florenzano Here yes yes yes yes yes no no yes no no
django-forum Ross Poulton Soon no patch no yes * no yes no no no no
counterpoint Collin Grady no no no no yes no yes ? yes no no
Django Forum Jonathan Buchanan ? no no no yes no yes no ? ? ?
snapboard Bo Shi, JW Mayfield ? no no no yes no yes * no yes yes yes
MyghtyBoard Piotr Malinski Forum in use yes * yes * no yes not yet yes no yes no no
Sphene Herbert Poul anonymous yes * reg * no * yes * no yes yes yes no no
Zyons Ian Holsman? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
PYBB Grigoriy Petukhov Forum in use no no no yes no yes no yes no yes
Django-ForumBR Italo Maia Forum in use no no no yes no yes yes no no yes
Column headings and * symbols reveal verbose descriptions when the mouse pointer hovers over them.

This page was originally created by akaihola. There's a django-users thread about this page. I'll update information posted on that thread to this page.

Most of my conclusions about supported features are based on reading the code, not on actually testing the apps. Please make corrections in case I missed something.


Jonathan Buchanan: django-discussion is not actively maintained or developed at this time (parts of it were extracted into Django MPTT) – django-threadedcomments looks like a more complete and feature-rich implementation of the type of functionality it provided, so I've removed discussion and put threadedcomments in its place.

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