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03/14/2008 10:07:34 AM (10 years ago)
Antti Kaihola

Added snapboard supported features and notes about the notify feature and the base for feature conclusions.


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    3131      <td>
    3232        An administrator can be notified by E-mail and/or SMS about
    33         new messages.
     33        new messages. Note that this feature should be trivial to add
     34        to most apps with signals and external code only.
    3435      </td>
    3536    </tr>
    6768      <td>Django authors</td>
    6869      <td title="demo">?</td>
    69       <td title="guest-post">Yes</td>
    70       <td title="notify">No?</td>
     70      <td title="guest-post">yes</td>
     71      <td title="notify">no?</td>
    7172      <td title="moderate">?</td>
    7273    </tr>
    8586      <td>Eric Florenzano</td>
    8687      <td title="demo">?</td>
    87       <td title="guest-post">Yes</td>
    88       <td title="notify">Yes</td>
    89       <td title="moderate">Yes</td>
     88      <td title="guest-post">yes</td>
     89      <td title="notify">yes</td>
     90      <td title="moderate">yes</td>
    9091    </tr>
    9192    <tr>
    114115        <a href="">guest/guest</a>
    115116      </td>
    116       <td title="guest-post">No</td>
    117       <td title="notify">No</td>
    118       <td title="moderate">No</td>
     117      <td title="guest-post">no</td>
     118      <td title="notify">no</td>
     119      <td title="moderate">no</td>
    119120    </tr>
    120121    <tr>
    123124      <td>Bo Shi, JW Mayfield</td>
    124125      <td title="demo">?</td>
    125       <td title="guest-post">?</td>
    126       <td title="notify">?</td>
    127       <td title="moderate">?</td>
     126      <td title="guest-post">no</td>
     127      <td title="notify">no</td>
     128      <td title="moderate">no</td>
    128129    </tr>
    129130    <tr>
    174175This page was originally created by [ akaihola]. There's a [ django-users thread] about this page. I'll update information posted on that thread to this page.
     177Most of my conclusions about supported features are based on reading the code, not on actually testing the apps. Please make correction in case I missed something.
    176179=== Comments ===
    177180[ Jonathan Buchanan]: django-discussion is not actively maintained or developed at this time (parts of it were extracted into [ Django MPTT]) – [ django-threadedcomments] looks like a more complete and feature-rich implementation of the type of functionality it provided, so I've removed discussion and put threadedcomments in its place.
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