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    1313||[ DjangoDomain]||mod_python||Running on trunk. Option to run 0.95 or 0.96. Demo site included for a faster start. All ready to go.||$54||
    1414||[]||lighttpd with FastCGI||Django Hosting in Europe, One-Click Django Installer, 30 Days Money-Back-Guarantee, Debian, MySQL, PostgreSQL ||€54||
    15 ||[ DjangoFoo Hosting]||mod_wsgi||Running Trunk, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.0 One click setup, money back guarantee. English/French/Russian ||£71.88||
    1615||[]||lighttpd with FastCGI||Affordable Django webhosting coming with a one-click Django installer and a web interface written entirely using Django. ||€48 ||
    17 ||[]||mod_wsgi||Russian-speaking Django-oriented virtual hosting, one-click Django installer. They provide free plan. || $60 ||
    1816||[ One On Line]||apache, uwsgi||Our business hosting pack supports django with customizable VirtualEnv, SSH Shell with unlimited space and bandwidth. Our experts will help you to setup you application if needed.||€ 50||
    1917||[ RX-HOST]||Apache with mod_wsgi, mod_python||Ukraine hosting for Django || $29.26 ||
    6967||[ Webreus]||mod_python||No (official) support for django, it might work, it might not: [wiki:webreusHowTo 5 steps HowTo here], read the disclaimer!||€9.99||
    7068||[ Webworks]||mod_python||Dutch webhost with a Django package option||€150||
    71 ||~~[ MediaTemple]~~||~~flup~~||~~Offers "grid" hosting with a Django GridContainer~~ MediaTemple have announced that the [ GridContainer service will be EOL] from 1st April 2011||~~$240~~||
    7269||[ DiPHOST]||mod_wsgi||Russian/Ingermanlandian shared hosting with simple (but not simpler) python support. Full django-ready||4308RUR (~$170)||
    7370||[ Komtet]||fastcgi||Professional python hosting. 24/7 round-the-clock support. Free 14 days test. Профессиональный Python-хостинг. Круглосуточная техническая поддержка. Бесплатный тест на 14 дней||1693RUR (~$55)||
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