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Djangofriendly is a whole site dedicated to collecting, searching and comparing web hosts options that are, well, Django-friendly.

Django-specific Web hosts

These hosting providers are specifically tailored towards Django programmers.

(Please do not add a provider here unless it is entirely centered around providing Django hosting.)

HostFlavorNotesLowest yearly payment (as of January 2010)
Aldryn CloudDockerDocker-based cloud hosting built around django CMS projects, including dedicated desktop and command-line clients. free
DjangoDomainmod_pythonRunning on trunk. Option to run 0.95 or 0.96. Demo site included for a faster start. All ready to go.$54
DjangoEurope.comlighttpd with FastCGIDjango Hosting in Europe, One-Click Django Installer, 30 Days Money-Back-Guarantee, Debian, MySQL, PostgreSQL €54
djangohosting.chlighttpd with FastCGIAffordable Django webhosting coming with a one-click Django installer and a web interface written entirely using Django. €48
One On Lineapache, uwsgiOur business hosting pack supports django with customizable VirtualEnv, SSH Shell with unlimited space and bandwidth. Our experts will help you to setup you application if needed.€ 50
RX-HOSTApache with mod_wsgi, mod_pythonUkraine hosting for Django $29.26

Django-friendly Web hosts (non-VPS/dedicated)

These hosting providers are known to be Django-friendly.

HostFlavorNotesLowest yearly payment (as of June 2007)
A2 HostingFastCGIDeveloper friendly Django Hosting. 24/7 Support. Free CDN. Cloudlinux OS. Free Server Rewind Backups $50.04 (as of 7/2011)
StackableApache with mod_wsgiScalable Django hosting with a unique system that provides unique development and testing environments for Django sites. Free 1 month trial, $420/year
AcuGISmod_wsgiDjango hosting with PostgreSQL. Special emphasis on GIS - PostGIS and GeoDjango. Deploy and manage Django apps via control panel or command line. Choice of U.S., U.K., or Germany hosting.$100
alwaysdataFCGIFrance-based, good documentation (in French) about how to configure Django and hosts. Databases are MySQL or PostgreSQL. Loads of niceties: svn, bzr, git, rsync. Option to run 0.90, 0.91, 0.95, 0.96, 1.0 or trunk. Free for 10MB, packs starting at about €50.00
A Small OrangeFCGISee the wiki article for Django: - Free SSH access, SVN, and other great features! How to set up Django$25
FCGIBluehost supports FastCGI, and regular shared hosting instructions for fastcgi setups should suffice.$83.40
CommandPrompt,Inc.mod_pythonPostgreSQL Experts and Django users$499.50
Copahostmod_pythonServers in Europe. Supports Django, SSH, FCGI in every plan€23,88
DreamhostPassenger WSGISee How to set up Django.$119.40
eUKhostanyUK Web Hosting Company with servers based in London. supports django on various hosting plans.$228
Fedora-HostinganyRussian hosting-provider, located at Netherlands. We host django and other python frameworks.$107.88
FusionHostAnyUSA and UK web hosting servers. We host Django and other python frameworks on all of our web hosting plans.$47.40
g-hosting.czmod_python HTTPS, Postgre/MySQL 10x FTP, WebFTP, POP 3, IMAP, SMTP, Perl, Python, Ruby, 1 GB space..
GeekISPCGI or mod_pythonOpenBSD + FreeBSD servers w/ Apache, MySQL, Postgresql, PHP Perl, Ruby, Rails, and of course Python. Environment designed for reliability and durability. Friendly, knowledgable support.$60
Haisoftmod_pythonFree and unlimited technical support
Hosting RailsAnyCan scale a ten-cents-per-day plan up to a multi-server environment $36.00
Hostsharing eG fastCGI,nginx,wscgi German registered co-operative, ssh access Starting at 4,00 EURO
hub-hubmod_pythonPreinstalled and customized upon your requirements, starting at $10/month. Te atendemos también en español.$108
i3d.nlmod_pythonDutch colocation and hosting provider. You'll have to install and setup Django yourself.
Jino.rumod_wsgi, mod_pythonRussian hosting provider. mod_wsgi or secure mod_python. Django preinstalled.1400 RUR (~$45)
MegiTeamNginx with FastCGIPolish hosting provider (Django, RoR, TG, Pylons, Catalyst, plain CGI), MySQL and PostgreSQL included, as well as full shell access. No PHP. Pricing based on requested number of FastCGI processes.150PLN (~$50)
MochaHost.commod_pythonmod_python/Python 2.4.3, 2 Free Domains, PHP5, MySQL5, ASP.NET, MS SQL, Windows or Linux platform, cPanel or Plesk$59 USD
Netbitsmod_python, fcgi on demandLAMP++, Postgres available. Willing to expand service offerings based on your needs. SSH/SFTP access is not a problem.$110 USD
NEXCESS.NETFCGI, mod_pythonUpon request, Django can be setup via FCGI on our shared hosting servers, or we can assist with setup (mod_python or fcgi) on your own VPS server. 30-day money back guarantee||$83.40
OpenmindsFCGI or mod_pythonWe'll preinstall Django if you mention it when ordering. Full SSH access. Standard setup using apache2 + fcgi, but lighttpd with own config also possible. Mention promo code DJANGO to get 1 month free||
Planet Argonmod_python or FCGIPostgreSQL specialists... but also offer MySQL and SQLite$900.00
PYROX.eumod_wsgiGerman web hosters. We officially support Python/Django and offer a multitude of services and support to help you with your setup €6.00/month, €72.00/year
PythonAnywhereuWSGIFree, one-click Django setup. PythonAnywhere is a full cloud-based development environment, so as well as hosting your Django app, you can edit your code, run scripts, schedule tasks and manage your database, all through our browser-based tools. No need to install anything locally. No need to edit Apache / Nginx config files.$0
Qdot.nlmod_python(Dutch) We will setup Django for you, or help you with the setup.€180
RailsPlaygroundlighttpd with FastCGI Our developer hosting plans fully support Django and includes an easy to use SVN and Trac control panel.$60
RaumopolFCGI(German) Django-Setup via one-click-install-webinterface, latest Django & Python versions, MySQL, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, SSH etc.€4.95/month
SGD NetworksanyOffers quality web hosting from india. Doesn't support Django officially.$20
Site5FCGIOffers good shared hosting solution with outstanding customer supports. See How to set up Django.$95.64
software.coopApache with mod_wsgiEthical experts. Very flexible. Will provide any level of required technical help.
TeHospedoFCGI or mod_python We support Django on all of our Linux hosting plans, and we are happy to provide technical support when you run into trouble. Brazilian hosting Provider TeHospedo.R$130,8(~$72,6)
TextDriveFCGISee these detailed instructions.$99 or fcgiUkrainian hosting provider. We host ruby and python projects. You can use mod_python or FastCGI as you like. Our support is familiar with Django.
UnbituwsgiDjango supported on all packages
UnicHost WebHosting AnyDjango, India based hosting company. Django-friendly Free Phone Support. $48
Valcato HostingFCGIDDjango is officially supported, and we're even re-implementing our own web site with Django at the moment.US$35
WebHost UKmod_pythonUK Web Hosting offers best quality Django on Linux Cpanel Hosting servers with mod_python support, we offer userfreindly top class customer service in UK to help all our Django hosting customers. £9.99
WebFaction mod_python or mod_wsgi Host hundreds of Django sites. Your own Apache/mod_python instance for maximum control. They even have a Django-specific screencast And now they offer a Django-capable plan for $7.50 / month. $102
Webreusmod_pythonNo (official) support for django, it might work, it might not: 5 steps HowTo here?, read the disclaimer||€9.99
Webworksmod_pythonDutch webhost with a Django package option€150
DiPHOSTmod_wsgiRussian/Ingermanlandian shared hosting with simple (but not simpler) python support. Full django-ready4308RUR (~$170)
KomtetfastcgiProfessional python hosting. 24/7 round-the-clock support. Free 14 days test. Профессиональный Python-хостинг. Круглосуточная техническая поддержка. Бесплатный тест на 14 дней1693RUR (~$55)
ADIT Systemsmod_wsgiGerman webhoster with python support on shared hosting, django-ready€47,88 (~$68)
Locum.runginx with wsgiProfessional hosting for Django, RoR and PHP developers. Supports MongoDB and lots of other contemporary technologies. Very friendly support is glad to install any software you need $30
Rosti.czapache, mod_wsgi, uwsgiCzech python hosting provider for all sites written in Python, especially in Django. . ~$40

Django-friendly VPS/dedicated hosts

These are some VPS or dedicated providers that users have reported to work with Django. (Any VPS or dedicated host, by its nature, should work with Django.)

HostTypeNotesLowest yearly payment (most as of June 2007, some newer)
6synckvmHigh performance virtual environments that can scale with your applications. Enterprise-class hardware, optimized Tier-1 network connectivity. Django configuration from development to production.$240
A2 Hosting OpenVZ Self-managed VPS allowing you to install the latest versions of Python and Django. Manage your setup however you see fit! Full root access. Choose CentOS, Slackware, Fedora, Debian or Ubuntu. Starting US $9.77/Month (No yearly billing cycle - Price as of 7/2011)
Aplus.NetDedicatedFull root access and free managed services.$588 Xen Xen VPS hosting for geeks. Servers located in Nuremberg, Germany. €180
Beyond Hosting OpenVZ,Xen,Xen-HVM We provide cost effective VPS where you can run any scripting language you wish. In Business over 4 years and BBB Accredited! Servers are located in Chicago IL. USA. Accept major CC, PayPal, Google Checkout 384MB VPS Prices starting at $19.99/month
BitNami on Amazon CloudAWSBitNami provides cloud images and a hosting service that allows you to run pre-configured Django servers in the Amazon Cloud. They include Python, Django, Apache with mod_wsgi, MySQL and PostgreSQL.Free micro instance. Plans starting at $24.
Bodhost - Dedicated Servers dedicatedDjango, US based Managed Dedicated Severs, fastcgi,Full Root access,4000 GB Monthly Bandwidth,100 Mbps Dedicated Network,6 Dedicated IPs,Free Sofware Updates,24/7 Server Monitoring,24/7 Customer Support,99.96% Uptime Guarantee$79.00 / £64.00
BudgetDedicatedXen & DedicatedConfigure your own server exactly as you like it! Powerful Gigabit Xen VDS. Free trial available... €110.22
ChimeHost VPS Hosting OpenVZ,Xen Self-managed VPS that can run any scripting language including Python and Django. Our Servers are located in Los Angeles, California. USA. 512MB VPS Prices starting at $20.95/month
CopahostOpenVZ Europe based servers, full root access and basic management. €90
eApps Hosting64 bit Xen VM & DedicatedXen 64 bit Virtual Machines on “true cloud” platform. Create-a-Cloud TM technology allows for the rapid creation of Virtual Machines with customized CPU, RAM, disk and other resources needed. The Virtual Machine will be immediately created and provisioned in a high performance, self healing cloud. A full library of click installable applications is available, including, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Django, Tomcat (JSP/Servlets), GlassFish (EE5), JBoss (EJB/J2EE), MySQL, and PostgreSQL, OpenVPN and more. All services include “Best of Class” 24x7 Technical Support by phone, email, chat and VOIP. $11.49/month on annual payments
Elvsoft Virtuozzo, dedicatedDjango, Romania based hosting company. Django-friendly tech support. IntoDNS is hosted here.€135
e24cloudScalable cloudScalable cloud hosting company, offering a ready-made solution 'e24webdev', which gives the ability to easy setup Django's development environment as well as Pyramid's or Ruby on Rails'. It also offers a great support, low prices and full root access to your machine. It is not a cluster - it is a cloud, providing its services in accordance to the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model. You can adjust the efficiency of your servers yourself, according to your needs.starting at $14.88 USD/month.
GigaPros.comOpenVZ and DedicatedPre-installed Django with FULLY Managed 24x7x365 support, for both VPS and Dedicated servers. GigaPros provides the best in the hardware with cheapest possible price. Fastest server setup and 99.9% uptime guarantee.VPS starting at $8.99/mo
GigaTuxXenUK-based VPS provider, including automatic reinstalls of the Django Turnkey Linux appliance. Turnkey Linux builds for the DTC control panel are packaged by us.From £4.99/month with coupon (£9.99/month standard rate)
Infrenion Networks mod_pythonBest US and UK Data Centers, FFMPEG ready servers.
GladservanyUK-based Open Source Hosting and Support, including Django. Shared, dedicated or VPS hosting. Full support and development available. Clustered/replicated database backends. Scaling and High availability.
GrokThis.netXen, dedicatedAvailable pre-installed, by request, with all accounts. Mod_python is available on a Advanced and Xen VPS accounts, all accounts support FastCGI. Providing databases MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite as well as others. 'Advanced' users receive a fully supported Apache instance running as their user, with their very own httpd.conf file, for the ultimate in security and customization.$200
HostCubeXen & dedicatedManaged VPS hosting for Django developers. mod_python or FastCGI
Hosting RailsAnyCan scale a $25.60/mo plan up to a multi-server environment $215.04
IngateXen & dedicatedHigh quality managed servers with preinstalled Django. Starting €110/month
InMotion Hosting VPS & DedicatedRoot access, WHM&cPanel, Compile to your specs, 24x7 Customer Support, 99.99% Uptime, 90 Day Money-Back GuaranteeStarting US$39.95/Month
IntoVPS OpenVZ US & Europe low cost powerful unmanaged VPS hosting. Powered by Hypanel, VPS control panel written in Django.$10/month
IPnextVmWare ESX4 (vSphere)Finely tuned Django environments, with a strong focus on high availability, perfomance and security. Complete isolation, root access and a pre-installed, configured and optimized Django installation out of the box. The company is based in Milan, Italy.Starting €50 /month
JohnCompaniesVPS (FreeBSD and Linux)Tech support is staffed by real admins. dpaste is hosted here.$319
Libre Hosting Ubuntu & KVM-based vMachines (VPS)Secure, Reliable, Scalable - Root access, Three Django versions available - trunk/stable/legacy, Custom Django addons & pluggables installed at no charge, Multiple Tier-1 peering, Django Consulting & Web Design available Starting US$25/Month (Jan2009)
LinodeKVM, User-mode LinuxSuper helpful support staff and django users in IRC channel, built by developers for everyone$120 Vserver We provide best VPS that are django friendly. Servers are located in USA. Accept major CC, moneyboookers, paypal, epassporte Prices from $18.95/month
(mt) Media Temple (ve) Virtual Environment Premium VPS, choose your Linux Distro. Rails on the Wiki Starting at $30/mo or $300/yr
Memset Hosting Xen & Dedicated UK based webhost. Our Miniserver virtual servers are ideal for running Django websites, including our own. Full root access. Starting at £9.95/month
Neosurge Django VPS Xen Django VPS for the price of shared hosting. Preinstalled Django OS images available. Hosting based in USA. Starting US$6.95/Month
NetHosted UKDedicatedGreat support focused host with very helpful staff. UK based.£129.95
OneXenVPS Xen Django VPS with 128MB.$5/month
OpenHosting, Inc.KVM or VServerCompany started by author of mod_python. Great Support. Use promo code MODPYTHON and get $15 credit$239.40
QuantactOpenVZ, XenOpenVZ and Xen based VPS hosting. Owner Tim is very helpful and usually available on IRC$119.88
RackSpaceyour choiceXen powerd VPS. Run any version of Django you want to.$16/month
RASVPSXenXen-based VPS hosting in China$397.80
RimuHosting VPSXen, dedicatedMention when ordering. (VPS allows do-it-yourself installation, so FCGI/Lighttpd also possible)$239.40
RoseHosting.comXen, OpenVZ & DedicatedFully Managed VPS hosting and 24/7/365 EPIC US Based Support. Free migration & Free installation of Django upon request.From $14.96/month
Run Map GlobalXen, OpenVZLevel - 3 managed dedicated servers, 100% Network uptime, 24x7 Customer Support$89.00
Server AxisXen, dedicatedXen-based VPS hosting$360
ServQC Hosting super fast nginx with uwsgiCanadian based hosting, 100 Mbps port, 24/7 Server Monitoring,24/7 Customer Support, 99.99% Uptime Guarantee with geographical failover, Demo site included. Packages starting at ... $11.95
UnicHost Servers Virtuozzo, DedicatedDjango, India based hosting company. Django-friendly Free Phone Support. $29
Valcato HostingManaged/DedicatedWe'll gladly set up Django on any server if requestedUS$1,668 (US$139/month)
VPS Hosting VDS Russia / Germany reliable unmanaged VPS hosting. In-house VPS control panel. No limitations on content or services$10/month
vNucleusXenSerious managed hosting by a team of sysadmins, programmers, and all-around geeks who love Django. Mention code DJANGORULES for 10% off for life! We'll happily help you set up your Django environment or just about anything else. Starts at $25/mo for 1024MB
VPSLinkXen, OpenVZVPS provider hosted in Seattle. Nice prices, but you have to be experienced in using low-memory environments, if you want to pay less$79.44 USD
VPS NOC - VPS Hosting OpenVZ USA reliable unmanaged VPS hosting. In-house VPS control panel. No limitations on content or services$12/month
VPSproXen Central EU-based VPS provider, supporting distributions of all flavours of Ubuntu / Debian / CentOS, can help with your setup on request. From €16.50/month
Vqwest(unclear) Configure your own virtual or dedicated servers, register domains, custom webmail, SSL certificates $419.40
WebHost USSolusVM OpenVZ US based Fully Managed VPS and Dedicated server Company Proud to support all requires for Django Hosting$29.99
WEBster Computing ServicesVirtuozzoVPS servers managed and unmanaged with customized setup available specifically for django on request$1068

Mostly-Django-friendly "scalable hosting"

Google App Engine, in which your application runs on a parallel cluster, supports most of the Django stack (0.96 preinstalled, other versions with downloadable starter projects). The notable exception is that their non-SQL scalable database backend requires changes to most data models, though these changes are often minor. An initial quota of 1GB/day (among other similarly-scaled limits) is free.

30loops is a hosting platform for Django based applications running on open source technologies. It runs on a clustered environment, and you can add loadbalancers, caching servers and more to scale your applications. It is currently in still in beta stage.

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