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    120120||[ Bodhost - Dedicated Servers][[BR]][ Bodhost - UK Dedicated Servers] || dedicated||Django, US based Managed Dedicated Severs, fastcgi,Full Root access,4000 GB Monthly Bandwidth,100 Mbps Dedicated Network,6 Dedicated IPs,Free Sofware Updates,24/7 Server Monitoring,24/7 Customer Support,99.96% Uptime Guarantee||$79.00 / £64.00 ||
    121121||[ FrameworkCloud]|| OpenVZ ||Framework Cloud provides low cost, high quality, and well supported virtual private servers with pre-created OS templates optimized for the scalable deployment of today's most popular web application frameworks|| $14.95/month||
    122 ||[ IntoVPS]|| OpenVZ || Europe low cost powerful unmanaged VPS hosting. VPS control panel written in Django.|| $10/month||
     122||[ IntoVPS]|| OpenVZ || US & Europe low cost powerful unmanaged VPS hosting. Powered by Hypanel, VPS control panel written in Django.|| $10/month||
    123123||[ PerfoHost]|| KVM ||KVM VPS: Dedicated RAM, Dedicated filesystem, Full VPN support, Unlimited sokets and processes, Full guest OS support, Custom kernel and kernel modules. See our [ KVM VPS vs OpenVZ/Virtuozzo vs Xen comparison].|| $25.55/month, $255.55/year||
    124124||[ VPS NOC - VPS Hosting]|| OpenVZ || USA reliable unmanaged VPS hosting. In-house VPS control panel. No limitations on content or services|| $12/month||
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