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Django Developers Mailing List

The developers mailing list, django-developers@…, is where most discussion about the development of Django itself goes on.

You can use Google's web interface to access it and post messages.

If you have been directed to this page, it may be because a core developer has closed a ticket that you are interested in as 'WONTFIX' or 'INVALID'. When there has been disagreement about what to do with a ticket, we've found the best way to get visibility from more developers and make progress is to start a discussion on the mailing list.

Unlike most tickets, the mailing list is read by most of the core developers and many other people with Django experience - but if you are new, there is no reason to be intimidated. We try to be friendly, and we welcome any serious suggestions. If you've got some good reasons why a ticket should be re-opened, we are all ears!

(The developers mailing list isn't to be confused with django-users, which is for developers who need help creating projects using Django. See UsingTheMailingList).

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