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    2121 * '''!BitScrap:''' we're looking for an experience Python developer who is fluent in django to work on a big consumer-facing multimedia publishing platform. We are located in Boston, MA and would ideally like someone who is either here or willing to move here. Work is temp-to-perm with nice bennies, a good group of folks, and a very aggressive mission. Basically if you want to come work with Python, Django, and like big hairy audacious goals, send an email to antonio at or get me on IRC as antrod.
    22  * '''Naples Daily News:''' We are currently looking for a new Django developer to relocate to Naples, Fl.  email eric at for more information
     22 * '''NDN Productions/Naples Daily News:''' NDN Productions — the online and new media publishing division of the Naples Daily News — is looking for a full-time Python programmer to develop Internet-based applications that cross from computers to mobile phones to iPods to Sony PSPs. We strive for innovation and nimble development for sites that embrace relational databases in ways they’ve rarely been used on the local level coupled with broadband-centric multimedia content that all works together in a platform-independent manner. [ Read More] or Email: []
    2325 * '''Clear Function:''' Clear Function, a web application development company located in Memphis, TN, is currenly looking for a Django developer to relocate. We may also be in need of contract workers for various projects.  Email stephen at for more information.
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