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Developers for hire

Looking for work writing Django apps? Post your name below, so savvy companies who are looking for Django developers can get in touch.

  • Jason Davies Python developer located in Cambridge, UK. Recently graduated in CompSci at Cambridge University. Contact: jason dot davies at gmail dot com.
  • Eric Walstad Python and database developer located in San Francisco: eric at ericwalstad dot com;
  • Vladimir Labath Python and database developer located in Toronto. Contact: vlado at labath dot ca.
  • Rachel Willmer C, Python, database, networking developer located in Edinburgh, Scotland: Contact rachel at hobthross dot com;
  • Marco Pantaleoni C, C++, Python, DB, networking, linux, embedded systems. Contact panta at elasticworld dot org;
  • Leonardo Santagada Python and database developer and sys admin. Contact: santagada at gmail dot com.
  • Matt Wilson Python and database dev. Contact matt at culturethree dot com;

Django-powered jobs

  • !BitScrap: we're looking for an experience Python developer who is fluent in django to work on a big consumer-facing multimedia publishing platform. We are located in Boston, MA and would ideally like someone who is either here or willing to move here. Work is temp-to-perm with nice bennies, a good group of folks, and a very aggressive mission. Basically if you want to come work with Python, Django, and like big hairy audacious goals, send an email to antonio at or get me on IRC as antrod.
  • Naples Daily News: We are currently looking for a new Django developer to relocate to Naples, Fl. email eric at for more information
  • Clear Function: Clear Function, a web application development company located in Memphis, TN, is currenly looking for a Django developer to relocate. We may also be in need of contract workers for various projects. Email stephen at for more information.

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