Google's Season of Docs.

Summer of Code has been a real boon to Django over the years, providing major new features. We'd like to also participate in Google's Season of Docs this year.

Generally Django's docs are great. So much so that folks send thanks.

Repeatedly, though, we've had one observation, that a specialist technical writer could really help us with. The Contributing Guide is, frankly, overwhelming.

There are something like 5 or 6 thousand words. It's got everything you need to know. But it's not approachable. New contributors report that they just can't get going as a result.

There's advice for new contributors, walkthroughs on submitting a patch, and so on. In theory everything you need to know. But it's clearly not structured in the best way possible. It's clearly not offering the best on-ramp.

We'd love to encourage more contributors from across the community. A Season of Docs project focused on making Django's Contributing Guide more accessible would go a long way to promoting that goal.

Any queries are very welcome on the Forum contributing channel.

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