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07/24/2012 02:21:30 PM (6 years ago)
Jannis Leidel

Accepting this in general since I've also had those problems and used django-admin-tools to solve it. I like the simplistic proposals you made to extend the ModelAdmin.

But, I think at least 3 and 4 are separate issues that should have their own ticket as they can easily be implemented without waiting for the "custom view" feature to be implemented. I'm not entirely happy about introducing yet another name next to AdminSite and ModelAdmin/InlineModelAdmin and would suggest to add the features to ModelAdmin directly.


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    initial v1  
    551) Easily link up custom admin views to admin:index
    672) Include reverse()-able links and off site URLs to admin:index on a per app basis (i.e. defined by the app's
    793) Include blocks in admin:index to customize the displaying of each app block
    8114) Ability to define the sort order of the apps manually. Give the user full control or if they just define 2 of 10 apps put the defined 2 at the top in their order and alphabetize the remaining apps to ensure no apps are missing due to not including them in this setting. Would obviously continue to default to alphabetical by app name.
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