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    33<jezdez> or point me to the section where the use case is described if this has been discussed before
    44<subsume> jezdez here's a test case I whipped up at the time
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    75<jezdez> subsume: why don't you use fm.Company.objects.filter(locations__zip_code="90210", locations__open_days="WEEKEND")?
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    96<subsume> jezdez I certainly don't mind but that's not the QS that will be generated by the admin filter implementation in place
    107<jezdez> subsume: not you lost me, what exactly do you want?
    118<jezdez> *now
    129<subsume> I wanted a hook to override the broken behavior so I can achieve what you typed. Right now the filters will just loop over and over tacking on a new .filter() each time
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    1610<subsume> Because in your case it was part of the same join. In the current implementation its not.
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    1811<jezdez> subsume: okay, I must have missed that notion from the ticket, please open a ticket and state this exact reason. and no, this shouldn't be fixed with yet another hook, but by making the default filtering more effective in the first
    1912<jezdez> place
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