Ticket #9278: geoadmin_rtl_fix.patch

File geoadmin_rtl_fix.patch, 719 bytes (added by springmeyer, 9 years ago)

Patch to force any OpenLayers map to maintain ltr text ordering

  • django/contrib/gis/templates/gis/admin/openlayers.html

    2929{% block openlayers %}{% include "gis/admin/openlayers.js" %}{% endblock %}
    32 <div id="{{ id }}_map"></div>
     32<div id="{{ id }}_map" dir="ltr"></div>
    3333<a href="javascript:{{ module }}.clearFeatures()">Delete all Features</a>
    3434{% if display_wkt %}<p> WKT debugging window:</p>{% endif %}
    3535<textarea id="{{ id }}" class="vWKTField required" cols="150" rows="10" name="{{ field_name }}">{{ wkt }}</textarea>
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