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Documentation for existing distributions and for new distributors

  • docs/distributions.txt

     2Third-party distributions of Django
     5Several third-party distributors are now providing versions of Django
     6integrated with their package-management systems, which can make
     7installation and upgrading much easier for users of Django -- usually,
     8the integration includes the ability to automatically download and
     9install all the necessary third-party software (like database
     10adapters) Django requires.
     12Typically, these packages are based on the latest stable release of
     13Django (and we encourage third-party package maintainers to use the
     14stable releases), so if you want to use the development version of
     15Django you'll need to follow the instructions for `installing the
     16development version`_ from our Subversion repository.
     18.. _installing the development version: ../install/#installing-the-development-version
     20Linux distributions
     26A packaged version of Django is available for `Debian GNU/Linux`_, and
     27can be installed from either the "testing" or the "unstable"
     28repositories by typing ``apt-get install python-django``. The `current
     29package in Debian`_ is based on Django 0.95.1.
     31When you install this package, ``apt`` will recommend installing a
     32database adapter; you should select and install the adapter for
     33whichever database you plan to use with Django.
     35.. _Debian GNU/Linux: http://www.debian.org/
     36.. _current package in Debian: http://packages.debian.org/testing/python/python-django
     41The Debian ``python-django`` package is also available for `Ubuntu
     42Linux`_, in the "universe" repository for Ubuntu 7.04 ("Feisty Fawn"),
     43and so the `current Ubuntu package`_ is also based on Django 0.95.1
     44and can be installed in the same fashion as on Debian.
     46.. _Ubuntu Linux: http://www.ubuntu.com/
     47.. _current Ubuntu package: http://packages.ubuntu.com/feisty/python/python-django
     52A Django package is available for `Fedora Linux`_, in the "Fedora
     53Extras" repository. The `current Fedora package`_ is based on Django
     540.95.1, and can be installed by typing ``yum install Django``.
     56.. _Fedora Linux: http://fedora.redhat.com/
     57.. _current Fedora package: http://fedoraproject.org/extras/6/i386/repodata/repoview/Django-0-0.95.1-1.fc6.html
     62A Django build is available for `Gentoo Linux`_, and is based on
     63Django 0.95.1. The `current Gentoo build`_ can be installed by typing
     64``emerge Django``.
     66.. _Gentoo Linux: http://www.gentoo.org/
     67.. _current Gentoo build: http://packages.gentoo.org/packages/?category=dev-python;name=django
     69For distributors
     72If you'd like to package Django for distribution, we'd be happy to
     73help out; feel free to join the `django-developers mailing list`_ and
     74introduce yourself. We also encourage all distributors to subscribe to
     75the `django-announce mailing list`_, which is a low-traffic list for
     76announcing new releases of Django and important bugfixes.
     78.. _django-developers mailing list: http://groups.google.com/group/django-developers/
     79.. _django-announce mailing list: http://groups.google.com/group/django-announce/
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