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  • docs/ref/contrib/postgres/fields.txt

    diff --git a/docs/ref/contrib/postgres/fields.txt b/docs/ref/contrib/postgres/fields.txt
    index 760286d..084ad8f 100644
    a b HStoreField  
    251251    A field for storing mappings of strings to strings. The Python data type
    252252    used is a ``dict``.
     254    To use this field, you'll need setup the hstore extension in PostgreSQL by
     255    adding a migration with the
     256    :class:`~django.contrib.postgres.operations.HStoreExtension` operation.
     257    You'll see an error like ``'type "hstore" does not exist'`` if you skip
     258    this step.
    254260.. note::
    256262    On occasions it may be useful to require or restrict the keys which are
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