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  • docs/ref/contrib/contenttypes.txt

    diff --git a/docs/ref/contrib/contenttypes.txt b/docs/ref/contrib/contenttypes.txt
    index 0226435..3613e1a 100644
    a b The ``ContentTypeManager`` 
    187187        probably won't ever need to call this method yourself; Django will call
    188188        it automatically when it's needed.
     190    .. method:: get_for_id(id)
     192        Lookup a ContentType by ID. Since this method uses the same shared
     193        cache as ``get_for_model``, it's preferred to use this method over
     194        ``ContentType.objects.get(pk=id)``
    190196    .. method:: get_for_model(model[, for_concrete_model=True])
    192198        Takes either a model class or an instance of a model, and returns the
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