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New patch because doc structure has changed.

  • trunk/docs/topics/i18n/formatting.txt

    6161will try to use a locale specific format whenever it outputs a value 
    6262in a template. 
     64To enable number formatting with thousand separators it is necessary to set  
     65:setting:`USE_THOUSAND_SEPARATOR = True <USE_THOUSAND_SEPARATOR>` in your  
     66settings file. Alternatively, you could use  
     67:doc:`django.contrib.humanize <ref/contrib/humanize>` to format numbers  
     68in your template. 
    6470However, it may not always be appropriate to use localized values -- 
    6571for example, if you're outputting Javascript or XML that is designed 
    6672to be machine-readable, you will always want unlocalized values. You