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    a b Differentiate between GET and POST 
    311311GET and POST are distinct; developers should explicitly use one or the other.
    312312The framework should make it easy to distinguish between GET and POST data.
     317The core goals of a cache are:
     319Less code
     322A cache should be as fast as possible.  Hence, all framework code surrounding
     323the cache backend should be kept to the absolute minimum, especially for
     324``get()`` operations.
     329The cache backend should implement an interface consistent across the
     330currently-supported cache backends.
     335The cache API should be extensible at the application level based on the
     336developer's needs (see :ref:`Cache Key Transformation
     339Explicit is better than implicit
     342In addition to incurring processing costs, magically resolving a potentially
     343invalid key in the framework may obscure issues with the cache backend, making
     344development more difficult.
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