Ticket #1500: mysql_autofield_patch.diff

File mysql_autofield_patch.diff, 663 bytes (added by ejf-django@…, 15 years ago)

Patch for ticket #1500

  • django/core/db/backends/mysql.py

    172172# be interpolated against the values of Field.__dict__ before being output.
    173173# If a column type is set to None, it won't be included in the output.
    174174DATA_TYPES = {
    175     'AutoField':         'mediumint(9) unsigned auto_increment',
     175    'AutoField':         'integer AUTO_INCREMENT',
    176176    'BooleanField':      'bool',
    177177    'CharField':         'varchar(%(maxlength)s)',
    178178    'CommaSeparatedIntegerField': 'varchar(%(maxlength)s)',
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