Ticket #10538: 10538_html_id_prefix.diff

File 10538_html_id_prefix.diff, 593 bytes (added by Justin Lilly, 12 years ago)

simple patch which adds a prefix for the ID used in admindocs model list.

  • django/contrib/admindocs/templates/admin_doc/model_index.html

    diff --git a/django/contrib/admindocs/templates/admin_doc/model_index.html b/django/contrib/admindocs/templates/admin_doc/model_index.html
    index 702fdff..4dd7caa 100644
    a b  
    1414<div id="content-main">
    1515{% for group in grouped_models %}
    1616<div class="module">
    17 <h2 id="{{ group.grouper }}">{{ group.grouper|capfirst }}</h2>
     17<h2 id="app-{{ group.grouper }}">{{ group.grouper|capfirst }}</h2>
    1919<table class="xfull">
    2020{% for model in group.list %}
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